Lose The Reason

Nobody told me The Primitives had released limited edition 7″ singles earlier this year. But they did- this one came out in February. In fact, if you play around on Youtube for a while you can find a load of new stuff from them. They sound just like they did back in the mid-to-late 80s. You may have different opinions on that but this is a highly enjoyable romp through chiming guitars and boy-girl vocals.

Lose The Reason


Really Stupid

Since posting The Primitives’ Crash a few days ago I’ve been overdosing on their blonde powered c86 indie pop, buzz saw guitars, PJ Court’s cool playing, hair and threads (far right in picture), and the wonderful Tracy Tracy (second right. Obviously). There was a point, 87-88, where we all wanted to look like PJ and go out with a girl who looked like Tracy. Not that it happened. My current favourite is the perfect 60’s inspired pop of Way Behind Me, especially the lipsynch version on Wogan that’s on Youtube. You’ll have to go and look for it, I can’t be arsed embedding it. This is Really Stupid, their debut single released on Lazy Records, sounding like it was recorded in a shed and all the better for it.
For the record, I do not own the signed photo above.

02 Really Stupid.wma

Got No Cure For Misery

My 7 year old daughter E.T. has recently got into Mr. Bean, and tonight was watching the recent film epic Mr Bean’s Holiday when a cover of this song, Crash by the Primitives, cropped up. ‘I’ve got the original of this’ I said, ‘ it’s much better’. She wasn’t convinced, especially by a live TV version on Youtube where Tracy Tracy is a little wobbly, but she conceded eventually that The Primitives version was alright. Kids eh?

The Primitives were from Coventry and had several early songs that the devotees swear by- Thru the Flowers, Really Stupid, Stop Killing Me, (all good c86 era indie) – but none of that takes anything away from the fact that this top 5 hit is really good, sparkly, guitar pop.