Your Love


Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles’ Your Love is one of the cornerstones of modern music- the two note bassline, that sequenced arpeggio part, the gospel vocals, the four-four beat. Back in the mid-80s Jamie Principle put it together in his Chicago bedroom on cheap and homemade machinery. Frankie Knuckles then sprinkled his magic over it. It was played off cassette for ages in Chicago warehouses before it got a vinyl release. It’s been a record of uplift and ecstasy ever since, especially since it then went and got magically spliced with Candy Staton.

At a recent Radio 1 session The Horrors covered Your Love. Do not worry. It is fucking superb.

Your Love (Radio Session)


Let The Music Use You

Frankie Knuckles died this week aged 59. It would be remiss of me to let this pass, especially seeing as half the music posted here over the last four years lives in his shadow to some extent. I was going to post Your Love but there’s a campaign to get it to number one so I probably shouldn’t be giving it away for free. Instead here’s Night Writers, with vocals by Ricky Dillard…

Let The Music (Use You)

Let the music use you, let it take control.

Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle ‘Your Love’

And in one deft flick of the slide fader we move from Charlie Feathers to Frankie Knuckles. Classic Chicago house and one of those songs that can take you way on up.

Dirty Diamonds II (2004) – 13 – Frankie Knuckles – Your Love.mp3