Lover’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day readers and lovebirds.

This TV On The Radio song from a couple of years back is ace, if not very romantic.

Lover’s Day

Their Necks Crane

Massive Attack’s recent album Heligoland, like all their albums since the still astonishing Blue Lines, was a bit of a mixed bag of guest appearances, some good songs, some padding and the strong whiff of jazz cigarettes. Paradise Circus (featuring Hope Sandoval) and Pray For Rain (featuring TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe) were two standouts. A bunch of remixes followed the album, and this one is the best- Tim Goldsworthy sends the song out clubbing (a cool club though, not a city centre 2-shots-for-quid type of place).

Pray For Rain (Tim Goldsworthy Remix).mp3