Allez! Allez!

By the time this post is published I shall be somewhere in the lanes of Cheshire, pushing the pedals round, in our attempt to ride 100 miles. Admittedly that’s 400 miles less than The Proclaimers said they would walk but it is 53 miles more than Bo Diddley walked in Who Do You Love? And Bo was proper badass. Mind you, he was walking barbed wire not leafy green lanes. And I couldn’t do it wearing a cobra snake as a necktie though. I can’t stand snakes.


The Chart Show

The Chart Show was more or less the only place to watch videos in the late 80s and early 90s, MTV being the preserve of the well off. Every week it had a specialist chart, indie, dance or metal and was required viewing, often with a hangover and a day with no responsibilities in front of you. So, make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and slip back in time…

…to October 1989’s dance chart with Electribe 101 and De La Soul…

… and to the indie chart in April 1991, with New Fast Automatic Daffodils and The Shamen, showing dance’s influence on indie…

…and from a few years later, February 1994, this top ten run down has the mighty Inspiral Carpets and Mark E Smith collaboration and Suede…

No metal charts here I’m afraid but there’s plenty more where these clips came from if you look at the Youtube sidebar.

Friday Night Is Feeling Grateful And A Little Emotional

I’m interrupting the Friday night rockabilly this week- I’m very grateful to those people who have donated to the Manchester 100 Mile cycle ride fund. I’m a little taken aback really. I’ve never met any of you in real life, Drew excepted, and that some of you have been so generous is really touching. And it makes me think that, in a way, real life and internet life are actually the same thing, and that although most of us on here have never met, we’re friends in just the same way that we are with the people we actually see on a daily or weekly basis.

Excuse me for getting a bit soppy there folks.

*Pulls himself together*

This is an utterly infectious piece of Jamaican ska that I think Davy H posted shortly before he shut up shop. Listen to this and see if you can keep your feet still. Have a good Friday night.

Ba Ba Boom


Weatherall techno week continues- stop groaning at the back, yes, I can hear you. I think this will be the last one, and these tracks weren’t even on the tape I found but they would have fitted very well.

Switzerland were, I’m pretty sure but feel free to correct me fellow anoraks, Martin Price’s post-808 State outfit. Sabres Of Paradise did three mixes of their track Inflight but they were never released, white label only. I don’t know why.

I went to Switzerland once, about 12 years ago- a conference for medics and scientists dealing with the set of genetic diseases called lysosymal storage diseases or mucopolysccharidosis. Our son, now 15, has MPS1 and we were invited to give a parental perspective. Lake Geneva is beautiful. We took a cable car part way up  a mountain. On the Saturday evening I sat with an Italian geneticist and we smoked the biggest cigars I have ever seen. He got through the whole thing. I didn’t.

Inflight Mix #1 has Bunnymen Cutter-esque style strings and a breakbeat. Mix #2 has rave keyboards, a chopped up vocal and a breakbeat. Mix #3 has a big electronic bassline and sax. All three are very good and I can’t choose between them, so have all three.

Inflight (Sabres Mix One)

Inflight (Sabres Mix Two)

Inflight (Sabres Mix Three)

Edit: when I wrote this post I still had some bandwidth at Boxnet. Now I don’t- you can listen to them but if you want to d/l you’ll have to wait until Monday.

Bonita Manana

It’s Thursday- here’s another techno track from the Weatherall cassette and this is a beauty. I think you might like this one even if you don’t fancy techno that much. Espiritu were a latin-housey bunch on Heavenly Records. This Sabres Of Paradise remix keeps much of the vocal and takes some time to wind itself up and then lets loose, chugging away for a good fifteen minutes. Easy does it.

Bonita Manana (Sabres Of Paradise remix)

Tribal Tone

Take two from the Weatherall/Techno Stuff cassette I found in the car the other day is this relatively obscure set of Sabres Of Paradise remixes released in 1993 and sounding very much of the time. Tribal Tone was by Ohm and big in certain house/dance clubs at the time. I don’t know (or have forgotten) who Ohm were and the web isn’t giving much away. The only information I can find on Discogs is that Tribal Tone was written by A. Watson. Sabres produced three remixes that all ratchet up the techno- Mix 3 is the pick featuring some steel drums and man-hitting-a-bin-with-a-stick bass drum. I listened to all three mixes the other day and enjoyed all three which isn’t always the case with early 90s techno, some of which can sound very harsh to my 2014 ears.

Tribal Tone (Sabres Mix #3)


Listening to Richard Fearless’ new single Gamma Ray put me in mind of a track he put at the end of the Death In Vegas All Back To Mine compilation- Donna by MMM, high quality lysergic techno. And then, lo and behold, I clicked on a link to a Richard Fearless Q&A interview somewhere on the internet and there he was, still praising it and calling it the ‘record he wished he’d made’. Inspired by Donna Summer’s Our Love and crafted by  Erik Wiegand and Michael Fiedler in Berlin. Vorsprung durch technik.