Book Of Version

As an afterword for A.N., this is the dub version from the B-side of The Heptones wondrous Book Of Rules, posted yesterday. Get hold of that bass.

Book Of Rules Version

NB. Ripped at a piss poor rate of 128 so you may need to adjust your volume control in the upwards direction.

Common People Like You And Me, We’ll Be Builders For Eternity

I saw an old friend over the weekend and we sat up late listening to records and talking nonsense. We finished with this song, Book Of Rules by The Heptones from 1973. I’ve posted it before but said I’d put it up again for my mate A.N. so here it is.

If you don’t like this, there is no hope for you- glorious vocal reggae, soaring chords and voices, a song that is far better than can ever be described.

Book Of Rules

Pretty Looks Isn’t All

Outstanding Studio One vocal reggae from the Heptones with Pretty Looks Isn’t All. I’ve posted far more reggae than I thought I would if you’d asked this time last year, so at the least doing this blog has got me listening to reggae and dub again. No-one does vocal reggae like those Heptones boys.

05 Pretty Looks Isn’t All.wma

The Heptones ‘Hypocrite’

More politically-conscious roots reggae from current Bagging Area house favourites The Heptones. Let it wash over you with some late evening sunshine and the drink of your choice.

hypocrite (2).mp3

The Heptones ‘Book Of Rules’

I cannot stop playing this song at the moment. I found an 1973 original 7″ in the treasure trove that is King Bee Records in Chorlton recently, which I paid £6 for. Value for money and the cost of music is one of the main record industry debates at the moment. iTunes decided that every song is worth 79 pence, which seems vaguely absurd. This absolutely wonderful, lilting, beautifully sung and utterly magical piece of music must be worth more than 79 pence. More than £6 too. Essential.

04. Heptones, The – Book Of Rules.mp3