The Mighty Wah! ‘Talkin’ Blues’ (The Story Of The Blues Pt. 2)

I was never into The Mighty Wah!, Wah!, Wah! Heat, or any of the other names for Pete Wylie’s ego during the 1980s and into the 90s, but shifted recently. I played records at a wedding (friends of friends, not doing that again, stress and hassle), and the groom insisted I played The Story Of The Blues. Once it was on I realised it was better than I thought. A few weeks back I found a stash of Wah! 7″ singles in Oxfam in Altrincham and enjoyed most of them.

This is off the album A Word To The Wiseguy, much of which is Pete Wylie’s heart-felt response to the effects of Thatcherism on Liverpool. It’s a sprawling album, with some dated production, but some of it stands up today. This version of The Story Of The Blues comes up near the end, the horns from the single version looped while Wylie does some talking over the top, including quoting Sal Paradise from Kerouac’s On The Road, and maybe it shouldn’t work, but Wylie gets away with it. – online file sharing and storage – download The Mighty Wah!_15_Talkin’ Blues (The Story Of The Blues Pt. 2).mp3