La Paresse

Here’s something brand new from Swedish producer Paresse, whose stuff I’ve really enjoyed before (Hunters In The Snow, The Night Before You Came, Rosarita, Phantoms Are Waltzing- he’s got a way with song titles). His new ep La Paresse is out now on Magic Feet, four new tracks the lead one being this one- Let Me Out Of This Studio (another winning song title). Hypno Hips, La Flaneur and Zen Fishing make up the rest of the ep, absorbing and sultry techno, electronic music with depth and heart. The Balearic influence is there, to keep it on board with this week’s posts and as Echorich said on Tuesday’s post Balearic is a feeling rather than a sound, but this also has a definite Scandi air to it. You can buy it at Bandcamp.


Apne Slusa

Scandinavia has been producing some very good house and electronic music for some time now- classy stuff with a smidgeon of disco, warm electronics, chuggy basslines, pitter-pattering drums, a gentle slow motion throb. I’ve written several times about Paresse (from Stockholm) whose sound I love and who makes very evocative balm for the ears and brain. Norwegian DJ and producer Prins Thomas has been doing his thing for well over a decade, honing his sound, always inventive, precise and absorbing. This long but never dull track came out in 2014 and is here today to welcome in February. I think everyone’s glad to see the back of January 2016.

Apne Slusa (lang Versjon)


Rosarita is from a brand new ep from Pareese, straight outta Stockholm. A dreamy, moody way to ease into Sunday. Kettle on.

Stockholm Syndrome

Towards the end of last year I posted a song called Hunters In the Snow by Paresse which went down very well with some of you- a slow moving, atmospheric house track with a throbbing bass, that conjured up images of hunters and snow. Many, many months before I also posted Paresse’s The Night Before You Came, which was futuristic, quite Bladerunner. I found Paresse’s Soundcloud page the other week which doesn’t give away much information (Paresse is Ivan Berggren from Stockholm, Sweden) but does have a good number of songs, a couple of remixes and some lengthy radio show mixes. The most recent upload is this one, Phantoms Are Waltzing. It’s John carpenter-esque, but as if Escape From New York had happened in Scandinavia. There are some lovely distorted synth sounds on this.

I’m also taken with this one, Trans Am, still pretty slow with a hint of disco…

Hunters In The Snow

This is a gorgeous, brooding piece of electronic music from Paresse. Throbbing bass, icy atmospherics, slow tempo. Driving to and from work in the dark this kind of thing makes the miles disappear (frighteningly sometimes I cannot remember parts of the journey at all, even major stuff like joining the motorway).

Hunters In The Snow

The Night Before You Came

Last July I posted the video for a dance track by Paresse and remixed by Craig Bratley, a proper belter with sci-fi techy-synths and hissy drums. Then I went on holiday and forgot all about it.

Last night this one turned up, a different version with a huge disco bassline, three fingered synth riff to the fore, massive electronic tom toms and chopped up vocals.

The Night Before You Came

This is very nice, The Night Before You Came by Paresse, it’s got a touch of the Bladerunner groove to it, sci-fi electronica (good luck with finding it on vinyl, seems to be sold out left, right and centre).

This Craig Bratley remix is a bit of a looker too..

And from yesterday there’s a free download of a remix by Dave McSherry (Fila Brazillia),a whopping 65mb WAV file…