Didn’t I Take You To Higher Places You Can’t Reach Without Me?

Drew posted this last week but on the off chance that there’s anyone who missed it there or who reads this but not Across The Kitchen Table I’m going to share it here today. I’ve been playing it daily since I first heard it. John Talabot’s remix of Jamie Xx’s Loud Places. Drew called it mesmerising- which it definitely is. Add euphoric. And gorgeous. At ten minutes long, if you click replay twice that’s half an hour of your day gone in a blissful haze, lost with that line or two of Romy’s vocal isolated and repeated, and those wonderful drum patterns and synths. Between them Jamie, Romy and John also nail the happiness/sadness that is part of dance music and club culture- the communal joy of dancing against the loss of the lyrics. She’s not waiting around, she’s going, going, gone.


You Go To Loud Places

I’m still massively enjoying the Jamie Xx album. This John Talabot remix of one of the standout songs Loud Places strips it down, keeps Romy’s vocal and then goes synth crazy at the end. Probably works best in a club but still sounds good at home.


Something long and slow and laid back for Sunday morning, a remix of The Xx by John Talabot (he’s from Barcelona), sampling The Streets and released back in 2012. Listening to this won’t get you up and about and doing anything strenuous (getting out on the bike, clearing the shed out, tidying the garden…) but you will feel very relaxed while it’s playing.

Chained (John Talabot & Pionel Blinded Remix)


The dub version of the last Peaking Lights album (Lucifer and Lucifer In Dub) have both been near my stereo recently. The one in the video above is called Beautiful Dub and that’s exactly what it is. There was a download only e.p. of remixes too (Lucifer Re-Lit) of which Jon Talabot’s re-working of the same song (Beautiful Son) was, again, beautiful. Eight minutes of hi-hat, piano and bass, with echoey blissed out, sunny day vocals.

Beautiful Son (John Talabot’s Acetate Dub)

He’s From Barcelona

John Talabot is young and from Barcelona and has provided some really good remixes in recent times. His own album Fin is an electronic joy from start to finish, full of tense synths, deep basslines and edgy noises, and takes you on a head-nodding trip.

When The Past Was The Present

Jacqueline Goddard photographed by Man Ray, one of Man’s favourite models. She was a foot taller than him, feted by Paris society and died in 2003 aged 91.