Tallulah Gosh

Daniel Avery has remixed the new Primal Scream single- Invisible City. There are two versions. I prefer this one (annoyingly neither will embed right now, click on the links). It builds slowly and then turns a bit acidic. ‘Proper good’ says a Soundcloud commenter and, you know what, I can’t improve on that. There’s also the Drone City remix, a bit softer and more chilled. Also pretty proper good.

For the record, after an initial sense of uncertainty, Primal Scream’s More Light lp is rarely off my stereo at the moment. At first I thought ‘too long, too many songs, the song’s are too long, Christ that’s a lyrical clunker etc’ but  now I’m really enjoying it. Still think it could have been trimmed- not the song lengths perhaps but the number of songs. There are some crackers on it and David Homes’ production is superb throughout, River Of Pain being my current favourite. And while It’s Alright, It’s OK is very much festival-fodder and Scream-by-numbers, it is also a fantastic summer song and often leads to Dad kitchen dancing (after dark, after alcohol). Back to form after two recent long-playing disasters and a Bagging Area hit, somewhat late in the day perhaps. I expect some of you will disagree.

Also, the new bass player is both really cool and really hot.

This song is a B-side from a Riot City Blues single, in which- cue glitter and dry ice- ‘Tonight Matthew, we’re going to be Led Zeppelin!’

Zeppelin Blues While Thinking Of Robert Parker

Lay Right Down In My Favourite Place

This has been added to a recent re-release of The House Of Love’s debut album, a live cover version of I Wanna Be Your Dog. Pretty standard fare you might think- it’s an easy song to cover, it’s a lot of fun to play, it stakes your left-field credentials as a Stooges fan. To be fair Guy Chadwick doesn’t really try to out-Iggy Iggy but the twin guitar work is a joy and this is a top quality live recording sound-wise. It also sounds like the mic was about three inches from Terry Bickers amp.

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Dance Me Swamply

I’ve been enjoying the new Kid Congo Powers album, Haunted Head. It’s not going to change your life or anything but it’s a good ten tracker, a bit swampy, a bit subterranean. On a lot of the songs Kid Congo and his Pink Monkey Birds sound like they’re the lounge band at the gates of somewhere grubby and sticky but strangely attractive. Garage-lounge you could call it.

Dance Me Swamply