Sly One

Here’s another treat from Greg Wilson’s Soundcloud page (brought to you via reader and Boltonite Paul Bob Horrocks). Marina Van-Rooy was a Liverpudlian singer who had not one but two early 90s house classics- Let You Go and Sly One. Greg Wilson has tweaked Sly One a little but not radically. Free dl if you can handle a whopping big WAV file.

Sly One is a seductive, low key number, with a chuggy 128 bpm rhythm, a woodblock sound reminiscent of Voodoo Ray and a slinky vocal having a pop at some boy, a sly one. Marina was also in the group Angelpie and I might be mistaken but I think a Lotus Eater was involved somewhere along the line. Marina is pictured wearing a catsuit/chain mail bikini combo down Liverpool docks. I don’t remember this look ever catching on but maybe I was looking the wrong way.