Now I’m Looking For A Lucky Charm

If you’re looking for sublime, romantic indie-rock with happy sad melodies, just the right amount of fuzz, some chiming noise and the sense that something else is out there, just out of reach, there’s no finer sound than Yo La Tengo in the mid 90s. Tom Courteney is a marvellous example- maybe their finest (although I’m willing to listen to arguments for Autumn Sweater, From A Motel 6, Sugarcube and Big Day Coming. Actually this list could go on and on…)

Tom Courteney

All You Gotta Do Is Hustle

Tom Courtenay has just said to Pattie Boyd, while walking Thameside in the rain in 1966, ‘Yeah, so actually my favourite way of getting kicks is to go down town and hustle chicks’, and Pattie has replied ‘You what pal?’ Leaving Tom to dig his way out of the whole Beaver Patrol problem.

The original of yesterday’s Poppies cover.

Beaver Patrol