Planetary Folklore

No grandiose caption or speech with this Steve Ditko spread for Dr. Strange, who is on a very odd voyage into another dimension. And while that nearly led me to Intergalatic by the Beastie Boys it also put me in mind of Cavern Of Anti Matter and this piece of experimental retro-futurism from their 2016 album Void Beats/Invocation Hex.

Planetary Folklore

It’s nice to have something calming and melodic to bring you safely home from excursions such as the one Dr Strange is taking. From the same record, this fits the bill perfectly…

Melody In High Feedback Tones

Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki

They keep coming thick and fast, new songs that lift the spirits- this is Tim Gane’s (Cavern Of Anti-Matter) remix of Gwenno marrying the 60s psyche-pop of her to the motorik beat and West German synths of him. Gwenno said the song is ‘a song to dance to at the end of the world’. I never thought the apocalypse would sound so pretty.

One Million

At some point while away in London this blog passed one million page views. One million! I’ve no idea how this compares to other blogs, how many page views other bloggers have had/get but it seems like a bit of a milestone.

Tom Furse of The Horrors has remixed the new Cavern Of Anti-Matter album into one seventeen minute megamix, a psych/cosmiche feast.