Kolsch Mix

Kolsch was the guest for Pete Tong on Radio 1’s Essential Mix on Saturday night- it’s on the website to listen to until next weekend. If you like electronic music you should find something to like in it. Subtle it isn’t and it goes from techno to the edges of trance but it’s highly effective stuff. And it includes Der Alte, his very own hands-in-the-air classic, so it can’t be all bad.


Kolsch, whose Der Alte track I raved about last September (and still do having recently found it on 12″ vinyl) has an album called 1977 out now. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet but this song- Goldfisch- was the lead off single from it. Goldfisch repeats the trick he pulled off on Der Alte with lovely housey piano, low tech beats and a sense of euphoria from start to finish. Minimal, repetitive bliss.

In case you missed it last time… (you need this in your life, you really do)

Der Alte

Der Alte

This song should suit your Sunday morning; Der Alte, which shuffled up on my mp3 player recently. I didn’t know what it was, who it was by or where I got it from. I still don’t know where it came from but it is a sublime piece of modern house music. Interesting drum track, lovely piano riff and some synth strings. That reductive description doesn’t do it justice at all- it’s a fantastic track. Highly recommended. It’s from 2011, by Kolsch (there should be an umlaut in there), a well regarded German tech-house producer. Which shows how close my finger is to the pulse of current dance music. But I shall be investigating further.

Der Alte

Random picture- Augustus John, Welsh portrait painter and all round bohemian. Rocking it.