Last year a compilation came out on Dutch label Safe Trip called Welcome To Paradise: Italian Dream House 89-93. It was, as it suggests, a round up of Italian house music, 21 slices of late 80s and early 90s modernism. The Italian house music in the compilation is completely care free- it has none of the wonky, hard edge of Chicago or the mind melting acid of Detroit, the darkness of British house from the same period (like Voodoo Ray) or the sped up frenzy of rave and hardcore. It is beaches, bikinis and tanned skin. Drums pad away, synth lines ascend slowly, basslines are fat and warm. A lovely place to visit. The compilation is well worth picking up with a second volume is about to be released. This 1991 single from Don Carlos is not on Welcome To Paradise but is a perfect accompaniment to it.

Alone (Paradise)

Touched By The Hand Of…

…Cicciolina, Cicciolina.

In May 1990 Pop Will Eat Itself released a single just ahead of the Italia 90 World Cup. PWEI intended it as an alternative World Cup theme and let’s face it, given how corrupt FIFA is/was, no one would really have batted an eyelid at a dance single by a West Midlands grebo band fronted by an Italian porn star turned politician. Plus, as a song, it’s massively good fun. House pianos. Dub bassline. Horns. Fans chanting. Commentary.

Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina (Extra Time Mix)

Rich Lane has recently done a Cotton Dub re-edit of it, updating it for 2017 in fine style. No download unfortunately but again, massively good fun.

Claudio Caniggia

Bass-O-Matic were William Orbit’s 90s house outfit who hit the top ten with Fascinating Rhythm, a single I have a lot of time for- early 90s positivity, pianos, a rap from MC Inna Onestep and the lovely vocals of Sharon Musgrave.

For a sultry and less poppy take on Fascinating Rhythm Renegade Soundwave offered up this version, also a tribute to  Claudio Caniggia, Argentina’s long haired forward at Italia 90, a man fouled three times as he danced and dribbled his way through Cameroon’s defence before being scythed down. This being Renegade Soundwave the focus is very much on the bass.

Fascinating Rhythm (Claudio Caniggia Mix)