In This House That I Call Home

God things are busy this week, hardly got time to organise a thought, nevermind some blogposts- here’s a cracking tune from 1981 from Los Angeles punk band X, punky and punkish rather than screaming Californian hardcore. Ragged around the edges and arms aloft.

In This House That I Call Home

Everything Is Turbulence

Justin Robertson in his Deadstock 33s guise has a new album out- my first listen has been very rewarding and there’s lots here to get your ears into. Some of it is very much dancefloor oriented (including a Daniel Avery collaboration) but there are many other things going on too, what Justin has called ‘lysergic soul and atomic machine boogie’. This track features his wife Sofia on vocals and has bags of atmosphere.

Vintage Future

Smart lo fi, post punk from American band The Intelligence- the guitars and analogue synths are dreamy and Lars Finberg sings with the world weariness of a man who has seen the future that was promised and doesn’t think very much of it.

These Are Dark Days

One of the records I played early on at the party on Friday night was this 1990 Andrew Weatherall remix, slightly overlooked in his back catalogue I think. Sly and Lovechild were a clubby duo, very of the time, but they never really took off and a 1993 album was their last shot. The remix opens with the voice of  the Reverend Jasper Williams, full of warnings and dread, and despite the ‘we feel real good tonight’ announcement this song stays moody. Ominous synths, sitar and kettle drums give this a darker edge compared to some of his other work from the period. None the worse for it either.

The World According To…Weatherall (Soul Of Europe Mix)

This Justin Robertson remix of another Sly and Lovechild song, Spirit Of Destiny, has a dub-house groove and horns. Lionrocking.