Last White Christmas

Last White Christmas by Basement 5 doesn’t really sound like anyone’s version of festive fun but it’s a dubwise, post-punk classic regardless. The names who passed through the band’s ranks is like a late 70s roll call- Don Letts (B.A.D.), Dennis Morris (photographed the Sex Pistols and Bob Marley amongst others), Richard Dudanski (The 101ers, The Raincoats, PiL), Leo ‘E-Zee Kill’ Williams (B.A.D., Dreadzone), Winston Fergus, Charlie Charles (The Blockheads). To top this they were produced by Martin Hannett who said it was the heaviest, most difficult production work he ever did.

Last White Christmas


Have Yourself A Scratchy Post Punk Reggae Little Christmas

Christmas, I suppose, means different things to different people- if your idea of Christmas is a scratchy, post punk, reggae, bass heavy kind of festival, produced by Martin Hannett, and involving people who played with PiL, the Blockheads and the Raincoats, then Basement 5’s the Last White Christmas should be right up your yuletide alley.

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