The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 87

The return of Lonesome Town, the Ricky Nelson song covered by The Cramps that was here last week. This time it’s Holly Golightly’s version from her excellent Singles Round Up album.

On finishing a long autumn term, on the day we finished for the Christmas holiday, I once passed a much older member of staff out in absolute lashing rain and wind, both of us heading for the car park looking to make our exits. ‘In the words of the prophet’ he said ‘thank fuck that’s over’.

Tonight is commonly known as Mad Friday- pub anyone?

Lonesome Town

Dang! Something’s gone wrong with the timed post function. Ah well.


No Big Thing

Bagging Area cult heroine and 50s/60s throwback Holly Golightly continues her recent adventures with Lawyer Dave by re-recording some of her favourite songs and biggest ‘hits’ from her extensive back catalogue in Holly and The Brokeoffs ramshackle country style. The album ‘Long Distance’ is out in March on Damaged Goods. This song is a cover of a 1965 Sam and Dave song and is very good.

(You Ain’t) No Big Thing

Thee Santa Clausettes

Holly Golightly and Thee Headcoatees rework their Davey Crockett garage rock tune for the festive period. Three Louie Louie style chords and their Christmas present list, including what every 60s influenced beat girl wants for in their stocking- ‘a twangy guitar’.

Santa Claus.mp3

Christmas Bleeding Christmas

We’re getting our Christmas tree today. Holly Golightly’s Christmas tree caught fire, burning down the house. Festive fun for all the family.

Thee Headcoatees ‘Have Love Will Travel’

Moggieboy from the excellent Ripped In Glasgow blog posted Thee Headcoatees’ Davey Crockett yesterday, so I’m following suit (probably a natty tweed suit) with this one, Have Love Will Travel. Thee Headcoatees were a Billy Childish Thee Headcoats spin-off, and featured recent Bagging Area postee Holly Golightly. This is an indie-garage-60s-beat-pop-girlgroup dancefloor smash. Also just noticed this is my 300th post.
Edit- a reader has left a comment to point out the black and white picture is not Thee Headcoatees, but Ipso Facto. To be honest I had my doubts about the picture but was rushing.Thanks anonymous. The colour picture is Thee Headcoatees. I can’t seem to remove the other one, so we’re stuck with both.

Holly Golightly ‘Time Will Tell’

Holly Golightly has been making records since 1994, firstly as a member of Thee Headcoatees (a Billy Childish spin-off, who put out indie-garage classic Have Love, Will Travel), and then as a solo artist. She looks like the beatnik girlfriend I never had in the 80s. Inspired by the 60s scene, rhythm and blues and rockabilly she has released scores of albums, singles and e.p.s. This is a Kinks cover, from her well worth getting 2003 album Truly She Is None Other.

05 Time Will Tell.wma