Bonus Freaks

Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1968

Moving on from the late 80s of the last few days to something brand new for today- a Good Friday release from FiniFlex, and what could be described as a massive late 80s industrial acid house tune with trademark FiniTribe multi-tracked vocals, thumping machine drums in all the right places. Finiflex are from Edinburgh, Davie Miller and John Vick who used to be FiniTribe. Bonus Freaks is a tribute to all the people who get out there and keep the music scene alive, going to gigs, buying new music, seeking new things. There’s an album called Suilven due later this year to follow this single and the Ta Ta Oo Ah single which came out towards the end of last year, a Bagging Area end of year favourite. John Vick says that the songs are designed to be played live, to ‘rattle the ribcage and remind you you’re alive’ which makes Bonus Freaks make perfect sense.

Fantastic Racket

Davie Miller, one part of the mighty FiniTribe, shared a mix recently ahead of a jaunt to Berlin to play alongside Michael Pederson and Hollie Poetry. This mix, Fantastic Racket, is exactly what it says it is and more, starting out slow and spacey and accelerating and hypnotising from there, heading dancefloorwards. Music from Eyes of Others, Mary Yalex, Donald Dust, Moscoman, The Black Madonna, Bawrut, Kalbata, Kuniyuki and Maria Rita Stumpf.

What Manner Of World Have I Found Here?!!

Silver Surfer again, exploding out of deep space and bringing with him Galactus, devourer of worlds. But the Surfer makes his choice, the surfer stands with earth!
More good news for the people of planet earth, there is a new release from Finiflex (some of Finitribe) . This four track release on Bandcamp (digital and yellow vinyl) has four versions of Ta Ta Oo Ha. Origination, the nine minute, full length one is the one I’m going back to most, but the low slung, hypnotic throb of TX20 Agent Of Intelligence is a treat too. I really like this e.p., a blast of modernity with a foot in the early 90s.
And as a bonus, just in case you needed reminding, here is one of 1991’s best releases.
‘Bass, can you hear me? Loud and clear. Crunching through these speakers to you…’

De Testimony

Difficult to know exactly what to say after yesterday’s news that other people haven’t already expressed elsewhere. Right wing demagogues stoking up waves of populist revolt, people excluded economically and who see political elites as the cause of their problems, racism and xenophobia used to fan the flames, multimillionaires posing as voices of the people who represent the man in the street and tell it how it is. This has happened before, in Europe in the 1930s to give one example, and it doesn’t go well.

I still haven’t got my computer back either. I did manage to get into my emails last night for the first time in three weeks but haven’t got the will to go through them all.

This record by Finitribe from 1986 is a blast. Just check the beat… and those bells! Dancefloor rocking stuff, electronic 80s, on the fringes of industrial, picked up by the thudding, slow mo New Beat djs in Belgium and then the Balearic scene in Ibiza and South London a couple of years later.

Loud And Clear

This came out on Record Shop Day back in April, Timothy J Fairplay’s remix of Finitribe’s 101, a beat and bass driven monster on the orangest vinyl I’ve ever seen.

Bass Can You Hear Me?

I’d been meaning to post this for a few days and hadn’t got around to it, and then Ctel shared it via This Is My Jam which has prompted me to sort it out. A classic Andrew Weatherall remix from 1991 of Finitribe’s 101, stomping, crunchy and good enough to eat. Bez in full flight on top of a hotel in Spain just seemed to fit.

101 (Sonic Shuffle)

>Bass Can You Hear Me? Loud And Clear


A bit of a lazy post tonight I’m afraid, but the quality of the tune remains top notch. A key early 90s Andrew Weatherall remix for you, Finitribe are given the full-on dancefloor treatment. The 12″ of this has four mixes and I’ve got another two on the hard drive. This is the seven minute plus 101 (Sonic Shuffle) version, to shake your speakers and your tailfeather.

101 (Sonic Shuffle).mp3