Clash Ice Baby

Last one of these London Booted posts for the moment- I always assumed Lazytramp did this mash up as a joke but if you ever wondered what Guns Of Brixton would sound like with Vanilla Ice rapping over the verses, now’s your chance to find out.

Ice T famously said of Vanilla Ice ‘What street is he from? Sesame Street?’

Funky Guns Of Brixton

Is He Alive? Can He Still Feel?

Continuing my short series of mashing up Victorian explorers with Clash mash ups; John Hanning Speke did actually discover the source of the Nile on a trip across Africa with Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, almost died, almost went blind. Not a great holiday (apart from naming Lake Victoria I suppose, more than I’ve ever managed on holiday). When the two men returned home Burton spent years rubbishing Speke’s reputation and his achievements, believing Speke had presented too soon and broken an agreement between the them. Speke died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while stepping over a stile, shooting himself just below the left armpit. Duh.

Manriki’s A Good Profile from the London Booted album- at Last FM it reads ‘Manriki: A guy- maybe from Belgium- making very funny bastard tracks’. A good Clash song to bootleg because the guitars and horns chop up so well and neatly.

A Good Profile

Of course The Clash song The Right Profile is about Montgomery Clift so really I should have had a picture of him rather than John Hanning Speke.

Bonus track: there were three bootleg/bastard versions of The Right Profile on Lodon Booted. One involved Peaches fucking the pain away. This one by Allen Smithee is a hugely enjoyable splicing of The Streets with The Clash. As Mike Skinner says ‘Hold it down boy!’

Street Profile

I’ve Been Beat Up, I’ve Been Thrown Out

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton- he was beat up, he was thrown out,  he was not down. He had a good tomb as well, in Mortlake. Worth a look.

Another London Booted track, this time E-Jitz bootleg version of Mick’s down-in-the-dumps tale I’m Not Down spliced with Hold Your Head Up by… er… actually, who is Hold Your Head Up by? Answers in the comment box to embarrass me. Whoever it is, this is mash up soul-punk brilliance from the E-Jitz boys.

I’m Not Down (Hold Your Head Up)

I Wasn’t Born So Much As I Fell Out

Ctel at Acid Ted has recently done a mammoth series of posts on the GYBO bootleg/mash up scene with interviews with a whole host of people involved. It reminded me about the London Booted album, an lp of bootleg versions of London Calling songs released in 2004. The album was a watershed moment for me, being the point where I really started using the internet for music. My gateway to this kind of thing. I hadn’t thought about or listened to London Booted for years. The mp3s perished in my hard drive disaster of 2007 and although I burned them all onto cd, it’s buried somewhere. Ctel’s series led me to wanting to hear them again- obviously I didn’t go physically hunting for the cd. I just poked around the internet a bit and re-downloaded the whole thing.

The tracklisting for the London Booted album was

  1. Blo_Up – Burnin’
  2. Dunproofin’ – Bubba’s Got A Brand New Cadillac
  3. Agent Lovelette – Burning Hot Jazz
  4. Stevie Mac – Hateful
  5. Eve Massacre – The Power Of Rebelution Can’t Fail
  6. Instamatic – Spanish Bombs (Over Baghdad)
  7. Manriki – A Good Profile
  8. McSleazy – Lost Souls In The Supermarket
  9. DJ Riko – Build ‘Em Up, Clamp ‘Em Down
  10. Loo & Placido – What About Brixton?
  11. Miss Frenchie – Fuck ‘Em Boyo
  12. Jools MF – Death Or Glory (Zeigeist Mix)
  13. Cry On My Console – Koka Kola (Tizer Remix)
  14. Jimmi Jammes – The Girl Wants A Cheat
  15. Pop Razors – 40 Lovers
  16. 10000 Spoons – Four Hoarse Men
  17. E-Jitz – I’m Not Down (Hold Your Head Up)
  18. Poj Masta – Rapturous Revolution
  19. Ez Lee – Vain Mistake
  20. Allen Smithee – Street Profile
  21. Dr Helix – Super Sharp Card Shark
  22. Faultside – Hysteria In Vain
  23. Freed – Birmingham’s Burning
  24. Freed – Rhythm Of The Dub
  25. LazyTramp – Funky Guns Of Brixton
  26. BONUS: Eddy TM on XFM – London Booted on the Remix
  27. BONUS: Manriki – Fuck The Right Profile (The Clash vs Peaches)

Some of these are works of brilliance. I’m going to post a few of them starting with McSleazy’s Lost Souls In The Supermarket, a beautiful version of Lost In the Supermarket. To call it chilled out would be to miss the paranoia and unease that is all over this track.

Lost Souls In The Supermarket