My daughter Eliza was born fourteen years ago today, arriving at four minutes to five on a Saturday morning back in 2003. She’s been barely a moment of trouble ever since apart from a worrying diversion into Ed Sheeran’s most recent album. Chatham troubadour Pete Molinari had a song for an Eliza on his 2010 A Train Bound For Glory album.

For Eliza

When I was fourteen, in 1984, the number one single in the UK this week was Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Cold War epic Two Tribes, riding in on Trevor Horn’s thunderous production. Not quite as good as Relax but then not much else at that time was. The spoken intro warning of nuclear war still sends shivers down the spine. This version (below) was for the 30th anniversary of their Welcome To The Pleasure Dome album.

Love For Sale

I’ve been playing Pete Molinari’s latest album a lot recently. It came out last Monday and it’s still revealing its charms on a daily basis. Theosophy is his fourth lp and, put simply, it’s his best collection of songs, recorded and mixed really well. Some of this must be down to the production and mixing skills of Andrew Weatherall and Tchad Blake. There’s nothing here that isn’t retro, defiantly retro, and the songs sounds like they could come from anywhere between 1955 and 1966 but that doesn’t detract from an album that I’m loving from start (Hang My Head in Shame) to finish (Love For Sale). This is that album closer, lightly 1966 psychedelia in tone, which rattles along with double tracked vocals, a smashing slide guitar part and some funny noises appearing here and there (Weatherall’s input possibly). Have a listen and then go and buy your own copy on cd or vinyl at Cherry Red Records. I’m awaiting my vinyl copy.

Love For Sale

So Long Gone

I have a soft spot for Pete Molinari. I like the cut of his jib. He’s not doing anything ‘new’ but he does what he does very well, and he has something else, something hard to pin down. This is from his forthcoming album (Theosophy), a re-recorded version of a song he had on the soundtrack to The Lone Ranger film from last year. Little Barrie from Little Barrie plays guitar on it.

So Long Gone

The Poet’s Muse

                                                                 The Poet’s Muse by William Oxen

This is from an e.p. called Today, Tomorrow And Forever Pete Molinari did with The Jordanaires a while back, a cover of Billy Childish’s loveliest moment- Pete keeps it acoustic and sings it well, a bit smoother than Billy does it. He’s on tour in Ireland and playing London soon. Come up north Pete- and when’s that new lp coming out?

The Poet’s Muse (Acoustic)

Hang My Head

I’ve long had a soft spot for the recorded output of Pete Molinari, who I think I first discovered via his Billy Childish connections (Chatham, first album recorded in a day in Billy’s kitchen). Then with a single off his second album, Sweet Louise, which I love to bits. So imagine my excitement when I read some time ago that Pete had recorded some songs with Andrew Weatherall- the song above is produced and mixed by him, and features guitar by Little Barrie from Little Barrie and Primal Scream. I’ve just listened to this for the first time (despite it being on Youtube since January- well publicised then) and think it bodes well for the soon to be released fourth lp Theosophy. He’s contributed a song to the new Lone Ranger film too. Pete also spent part of an evening once a few years back chatting my sister up. Don’t think he got anywhere.

She Is The Poet’s Dream

Judging by the stats there’s no-one reading this at the moment- I suppose there’s shopping to be done, guest rooms to prepare, all the Christmas malarkey, so it doesn’t really matter what I post. This came up yesterday on random and sounded good. Pete Molinari, Medway singer-songwriter, sharp dressed man, Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline comparisons ahoy, doing Wild Billy Childish’s The Poet’s Dream for a B-side some time back, a lovely tribute to his muse. Sing it to your loved one this Christmas and see where it gets you. I heard a while back that Pete has done some demos with Bagging Area’s favourite Andrew Weatherall. Here’s hoping we get to hear them soon.

The Poet’s Dream



Pete Molinari- Medway delta bluesman and owner of many very dapper coats and hats- with his most gorgeous moment, Sweet Louise. Yeah, he could be described as Dylanesque but everyone’s got to be influenced by somebody and when the song, singing and playing are this good, who cares?

Sweet Louise.mp3

Pete Molinari ‘I Don’t Like The Man I Am’

Yesterday’s post was partly Bob Dylan inspired and today’s postee, Pete Molinari, seems to have Bob as a major influence too. He’s got a new album coming out shortly, but this one was released on Damaged Goods a couple of years back, recorded by Billy Childish and is a Billy Childish cover. Not that it sounds very much like Billy’s lo-fi garage records. This is chilled out, beautifully played, and sung with more than a touch of Dylan-ness. The album also features the lovely Sweet Louise, well worth looking out for. He also dresses very well, something that always counts for a lot.
We’re off camping now for a couple of days. Praying for decent weather. See you Friday.

Pete Molinari_09_I Don’t Like The Man I Am.mp3