This Time I’m Not Wrong

I’ve posted this before but thought it might be worth looking at again. Bernard Sumner’s got a very distinctive voice, not a great voice maybe, but it’s very recognisable. He’s popped up on guest vocals in various places, with 808 State and The Chemical Brothers most famously. In 1997 he sang on a song with Sub Sub, not long before they mutated into Doves. The song- This Time I’m Not Wrong- came out on 12″, the last release ever on Rob’s Records (Rob Gretton’s label, New Order manager). It sounds much more like Doves than Sub Sub and when their studio/rehearsal room burned down the Williams bros and Jimi Goodwin took it as a sign to move on. Listening to this, it’s pretty clearly where early Doves song Catch The Sun came from.

This Time I’m Not Wrong

The 12″ also has an early version of Firesuite.


Walk On By, Walk On Through

It feels like the first day of the summer holidays. Because it is. Let’s kick Friday off with some glorious pop-house from 1993. Before Doves were Doves they were Sub Sub and other than making bleepy Manc house tunes like the very ace Space Face they had an actual number 3 hit single with this song, featuring the guest vocals of Melanie Williams. From it’s zoom intro to it’s bouncy verses to it’s catchy as chicken pox chorus, this is 7″ perfection guaranteed to put a spring in your step. The only thing wrong with it is that it’s over almost before it’s begun.

Sub Sub ‘Space Face’

Before they were Doves they were Sub Sub, and released this superb piece of dance music- Space Face.

In other bird related news, the kids found an injured young bird outside our house yesterday, several cats were prowling around, and an older bird was squawking from the rooftop. The kids wanted to try to save it. A neighbour said the RSPCA etc wouldn’t be interested and that saving it from being mauled by cats might be the best we could do. Mrs Swiss asked me ‘How do you pick up a bird?’. ‘Buy it a couple of drinks and try to make it laugh?’ I suggested.

We got it in a cardboard box and put it in our shed, with some water and bread. Then we noticed the mother bird with worms and grubs in it’s beak, trying to get in the shed. All very upsetting. We opened the shed door, to let the mother bird feed it’s baby with it’s broken wing. ET, 7 years old, was by now very concerned. I checked on it later last night and things didn’t look good- Giggsy (as it was now known) couldn’t feed itself and mother had vanished. We got up this morning and went to the shed, and alas Giggsy had died. We’ve also found Giggsy’s brother or sister, dead, in the alleyway behind the house. I guess leaving the nest is a bit do or die. Everyone’s bearing up pretty well though.


Sub Sub Ft. Bernard Sumner ‘This Time I’m Not Wrong’

A Joy Division/New Order rarity/oddity for you, following the earlier Jah Division piece. In 1997 Bernard co-wrote and sang (and presumably played guitar) with Sub Sub, who would shortly afterwards go on to become Doves. Sub Sub hit the charts with the rather ace Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use) and also had the ravey Space Face, which as Doves they still encore with from time to time. This song is more Doves than Sub Sub, being full of guitars and drums, and featuring a typical Bernard vocal and lyric. The end came for Sub Sub when their Cheetham Hill studio burnt down on the Williams twins’ birthday, but judging by this 12″ they were heading in a different direction anyway. The B-side features an early version of Fire Suite which also cropped up on the first Doves lp. Bernard Sumner in 1997 was on extended leave from New Order and in between Electronic activities. I got this in Oxfam in Altrincham for a fiver some time ago, a bargain judging by some online prices I’ve seen. This was the last single to come out on Rob Gretton’s Rob’s records label, also home to Manchester legends A Certain Ratio and Mr. Scruff amongst others.

01 This Time I’m Not Wrong.mp3