Tonight we are going to my niece’s 18th birthday party. She is a very artistic and creative person and has given her party a retro space/sci fi theme, with fancy dress. So tonight Matthew, I am going to be …Yuri Gagarin.

Gagarin (Richard Norris Vostok Remix)


Public Service Broadcasting are back with an album themed around the space race and a single called Yuri Gagarin. This should be right up my alley but the single did nothing for me at all- it was cheesy funk and seemed very inappropriate. Thankfully Richard Norris has done a remix which is cinematic and orchestral with an acoustic guitar from Ibiza thrown in for good measure. Much better. Free download too.

Two Small Men Cutting Footsteps In The Roof Of The World

It’s been the 60th anniversary of Tenzing and Hillary’s ascent of Everest this week. There have been a load of previously unseen photographs published some of which are pretty amazing. Does anyone still climb Everest in woolly jumpers? I hope so.

I’ve posted the video to Public Service Broadcasting’s song Everest before, one of my favourite songs of last year. The PSB album came out recently and is well worth getting. It sounds like a proper lp and Everest is one of the standouts. The only slight letdown with it is, if you bought the earlier singles and eps, you’ve got almost a third of it already. But no matter- it’s a winner anyway. Everest was remixed several times when it came out as a single. Here’s one of them.

Everest (Iron Butterflies Remix)

Ramble On

It’s funny- as technology improves at an ever-increasing and bewildering rate, people deliberately make digital versions of clunky old analogue. You can get Old Typewriter Font (Messy) with irregular splats and inkblots onto your PC to give the impression of using a typewriter. Just the same as putting vinyl crackle from a pre-set onto your music track I suppose.

I was going to write a long rambling post about my disgust with the Daily Mail and its repugnant attempt to make political capital out of the shocking deaths of six children at the hands of a psychopath and also about the idiocy of the benefit cuts and the knee jerk efforts by all involved to play some kind of poverty reality game (300,000 signatures on an e-petition to get Ian Duncan Smith to prove he can/can’t live on £53 a week, which he either refuses to do thus proving one thing or he could do with change to spare thus proving another, and how this completely misses the point- as several folk have pointed out, living on £53 a week isn’t about just one week, it’s about living on that every week, week after week, and having no kind of safety net for when the washing machine breaks down or the boiler stops working or the kids need new school shoes)… and how sometimes it feels like we live in a country where life just gets a little bit worse every day (and I don’t want to feel like that, I don’t want to be a grumpy old man) and we’re governed by people who come from a political ruling class who see politics only as a career choice, as something to do between working at a top (fill in the blank) company and leaving to take up a directorship at a top (fill in the blank) company. And it applies to all the parties I’m afraid, not just the despicable, wobbly jawed Tories.

I was also musing while drifting off to sleep the other night on the nature of this blog I write everyday and how it’s changed a bit over the last year. At the start it was about ‘music…and what it means to me‘ but more recently it’s become more instant, more now- with video and Soundcloud and new release updates and all of that, and how it’s now also becoming a place where I put stuff so I can find it easily (as well as share it with you) and that the nature of the writing has become less personal- but you know, not every song has a story behind it. Sometimes it’s just a song I like. I’ve also become a prisoner of the self-imposed need to have at least a post a day- yup, like everything else, even my blog has measurable targets. We’re about to go away for a week, a caravan in north Yorkshire, somewhere between Bridlington and Scarborough. I’m looking forward to the break, and while I really, really enjoy doing the blog and getting the comments and feedback from all of you, to be honest I’ll be glad to have a week’s break from it as well. About three weeks ago I was driving home from work and I honestly thought I had reached the end of the road- I couldn’t see where the next blogpost was coming from, that I had nothing else to put up here. And since then I’ve written roughly thirty posts. So on it goes.

There’s some rockabilly coming later and a special bumper post for tomorrow and then there’ll be nothing here until next Friday or Saturday. Have fun while I’m away.

Song anyone?
Justin Robertson remixes Public Service Broadcasting’s recent single Signal 30. I was a bit disappointed with Signal 30 when I first heard it although I imagine it works well live. Here Justin introduces PSB to acid house.

Peak 15

I cannot stop listening to this at the moment, it is right up my alley- and it’s possibly even better with the video.

Note the clothing and gear those mountaineers used to wear and use. Proper stuff.


A free treat from Public Service Broadcasting at the end of their current tour- latest single Everest (full of public information film samples about climbing on the roof of the world), remixed Balearic style by The Centaurs, bassline to the fore and some atmospheric synths and bleeps. Seven and a half minutes of ice pick and crampon joy. It’s at Soundcloud (free download).

Public Service

H tipped me off to these- Public Service Broadcasting. Sadly not in time for me to see them in Manchester (they played here at the end of October). They make music where the vocals are taken from old public information films and newsreel footage, much of it from World War Two, often set against electronic backing. I’m getting quite into them. There’s also Youtube footage of a duo playing guitar and drums, again with found vocals. The videos use WWII footage too. Try this one…

You can download their first e.p. from Bandcamp at a name your own price rate (i.e. free). Go get it.