Play The Game

Andrew Weatherall’s entered another period of activity with this remix of Craig Bratley’s Play The Game coming out later this month. This is a cosmic trip, ten minutes long, with laid back beats, crashing guitar chords and a breathy vocal from Danielle Moore. Gimme more.


Fairplay And Bratley

Here’s a couple of recent things from the Scrutton Street Axis, both tracks from the house music end of things and both a tad spooky. Craig Bratley’s Beat On The Drum has some deep, repetitive techno with a robotic voice and a very freaky,disturbing video.

Timothy J Fairplay has posted the demo of another Junior Fairplay tune on Soundcloud, Faxes From The Future (winner of the most retro-futurist song title award 2014). An early 90s breakbeat, one fingered keys, disembodied voices, oscillating noises. I’m really hoping that there’s going to be a Junior Fairplay album.

The Night Before You Came

Last July I posted the video for a dance track by Paresse and remixed by Craig Bratley, a proper belter with sci-fi techy-synths and hissy drums. Then I went on holiday and forgot all about it.

Last night this one turned up, a different version with a huge disco bassline, three fingered synth riff to the fore, massive electronic tom toms and chopped up vocals.

Analogue Dreams

This is really good, Analogue Dreams from Craig Bratley. There’s a very repetitive acidic bleepy squiggle bit (which admittedly could annoy some) and then during the second half of its eight minutes some Balearic piano fades in and tips the scales upwards, followed by the kick drum and a synth string parts- and like magic you could be sat on a terrace somewhere warm with the sun on your face.

The Night Before You Came

This is very nice, The Night Before You Came by Paresse, it’s got a touch of the Bladerunner groove to it, sci-fi electronica (good luck with finding it on vinyl, seems to be sold out left, right and centre).

This Craig Bratley remix is a bit of a looker too..

And from yesterday there’s a free download of a remix by Dave McSherry (Fila Brazillia),a whopping 65mb WAV file…

Just Bob Our Heads To This Groove Right Here

This is a delightfully deep, dark Craig Bratley remix of Four Walls from back in 2011, featuring a man talking about going nightclubbing; not there for the smoke or the VIP section or the champagne, just the music. Craig Bratley has recently contributed a 10″ single to Andrew Weatherall’s Bird Scarer vinyl only series.