Definite Door To Another Dimension

A friend made me a compilation tape once following a long, rambling alcohol fueled conversation about punk. No purist, he claimed punk was where you find it. The song that grabbed me on that tape that I didn’t know was this one by The Posies. It’s what journalists call power pop,a genre that they invented to describe guitar music that was punk-ish but also poppy. Power pop is easier to identify than it is to describe. The Knack’s My Sharona is an example. This song by the Posies is vastly better than My Sharona (which is a bit annoying). Loopy, hippy lyrics, massive crunchy power chords, quiet/loud dynamics and some ace melodies that transcend 1993’s grunginess.

Definite Door

>Oh You’ve Got Green Eyes

Jon Auer is one of The Posies, who play power pop. I think I know what power pop is without being able to describe it. I don’t know much about The Posies either, other than that Prestwich Stuart put a song of theirs on a tape he did for me years ago, the chorus of which went ‘It’s a different door to another dimension’ (or something like that) and I really liked it. Another band that I never delved any further into, despite the internet. Here, Jon Auer does a very lovely acoustic cover version of Green Eyes, a Flip Your Wig era Husker Du song written by Bagging Area favourite Grant Hart. It’s worth bearing in mind that given Grant’s sexuality this song is probably sung by a man to a man. Which gives it a different slant somehow.