Drew and I agreed on Twitter the other night that Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve’s own re-animation of their recent single Diagram Girl is a thing of beauty, one of those records that sounds like summer should. Six and a half minutes of wobbly bass, washes of synth, blissed out vox and hazy modern dance-oriented psychedelia. Just wonderful stuff from Richard Norris and Erol Alkan with an album to follow.

If you like that you should go find Richard Norris’ other current project, Circle Sky (a duo with Martin Dubka), and a 12″ called Reveal/Interstellar, two massive sounding cuts recorded live using the Moog System 55 modular- analogue acid house achieving lift off for 2016. Annoyingly there don’t seem to be any full length listens anywhere but these two preview clips give you enough to be going on with.

I Don’t Remember One Solitary Thing

Techno wunderkid Daniel Avery put out an e.p. in 2012 that had this grimy song as its closing track- techno in tone maybe but post-punk in sound, a grinding bassline dredged up from Joy Division or Killing Joke’s subconscious and a female voice intoning a single line about memory loss.

The Eagle

British Summertime

Whatever its official start date to me the May day bank holiday is the real signal of the start of British summertime. Appropriately today’s forecast is for rain with occasional sunny spell and a temperature around ten degrees, to follow the snow, ice and sleet we had last week. Unbelievably we were camping this weekend last year. But an extra day off is an extra day off whatever the weather.

Ultramarine’s Every Man And Woman Is A Star album from 1991 is well worth getting hold of if you don’t have a copy, a very English kind of post-acid house record that brings in a folky ambience and a dash of dub. The phrase pastoral techno gets bandied about which seems silly but hits the spot.

I transferred a load of photos from an old memory card over to the new computer recently and found a load from a day I clearly went a little nuts at Jodrell Bank Observatory, shot after shot of the Lovell telescope. There are enough to accompany blogposts until July.

British Summertime