SL2 Take Control

More on the recent theme, this time a massive crossover hit for SL2 in 1992. On A Ragga Tip reached number 2 in the UK chart. The song is totally irrepressible, with the distorted piano riff, the chantalong MCing, the breakbeat and the bassline. Slipmatt and Lime and MC Jay-J created a song that you can only give in to, bounce up and down, and leave with a smile on your face. It was a song loved way beyond the hardcore/breakbeat scene, a ragga infused rave song that sold over two hundred thousand copies.

On A Ragga Tip

Their previous release was DJs Take Control, a number 11 hit in the UK. The two dancers, Jo and Kelly, must have burned thousands of calories with every show as this performance on BBC 2’s Dance Energy shows….

They did Top Of The Pops too, with an audience a little unsure how to respond…