No Big Deal

I’ve been listening to the new Crocodiles album a lot, especially the superb single Foolin’ Around (posted a week or two ago). Good fun. But all the while there was something about Foolin’ Around that I couldn’t put my finger on, it really reminded me of another song. And then I worked out what it was…

No Big Deal

No Big Deal was a 1989 single by post-Bauhaus offshoot Love And Rockets. If you image search Love and Rockets you get many more returns for the Hernandez Brothers comic book than you do for Daniel Ash and co.

Holiday On The Moon

Today’s song is from the three members of Bauhaus who weren’t, the shiny mid 80s post-goth band Love And Rockets. Daniel J sings about wanting a holiday on the moon on this 1986 b-side but complains about not being able to get a suntan there. Like getting a suntan was ever top of the list of holiday priorities for a goth rockstar. While he does this, and sings about meeting the president too with some cracking call-and-response backing vocals, the band set up a slow, primitive groove with some squally feedback guitars going into the stratosphere at the end. Good stuff.

Holiday On The Moon

Love, Rockets

Jaime Hernandez (see earlier) wrote and drew the legendary 80s comic strip Love And Rockets, full of edgy indie-punk girls, who sometimes hung around in their underwear and sometimes played in bands, and who you might have fancied if you were fifteen and they weren’t two dimensional creations.

Love And Rockets were also a sometimes iffy pop goth band. I used to have something by them on the hard drive, but I don’t anymore. So no Love And Rockets song.