Don’t Be So La-Di-Dah

I happened upon this recently (thanks to  reader Paul Bob Horrocks) and rather like it- a song from a forthcoming Westbam album with the vocals of Richard Butler (him from Psychedelic Furs, still going somewhere near you). You Need The Drugs has a lovely skippy rhythm, wobbly bass and big synthy strings and Butler’s vox (‘Don’t be so la-di-dah, you need the drugs’- quite). Find it at Soundcloud and lose part of the last working day of the week.

No d/l I’m afraid- listen only. Besides at the rate things are being ‘listened to’ from my Boxnet account I’ll be out of bandwidth by the end of next week.

The Psychedelic Furs ‘Pretty In Pink’

We’ve been on a post-punk/indie guitar trip this week at Bagging Area, so let’s have this marvelous early 80s moment, a song that even that Molly Ringwold (sigh) film can’t completely destroy. Hairspray, back-combing and fingerless gloves at the ready. This is the original version from 1981, with our friend Martin Hannett at the controls, rather than the re-recorded version for the film of the same name, which had some unpleasantly 1986ish keyboards and drums. That second version and the film Pretty In Pink made them big in the USA, big on college radio, top 40 in the UK, and sent them on a commercial hit chasing journey. This one is much, much better.

15 Pretty in Pink.wma