Days From Now

A couple of weeks ago Daniel Avery played a free dj set in eastern Bloc records in town, ahead of an allnighter at Soul Kitchen. The free one in the record shop seemed like a good idea despite the sub-zero temperatures so I ventured out, not really knowing what to expect but half thinking that Eastern Bloc would be a few middle aged techno heads standing around stroking their chins and maybe a handful of other people. I turned up to find a completely packed out Eastern Bloc and a queue. I joined the queue even though I was a good 25 years older than everyone else in it. It was one-in, one-out and there were 8 or 9 people ahead of me. Plus a group of people who went straight to the front of the queue and were let in. The bouncer eyed me a couple times, no doubt wondering why a middle aged man was attempting to gain entry to an event populated by students and locals in their early 20s. Every now and then the door opened and it was obvious a full on techno event was taking place. Young people are into techno. I didn’t know this. I didn’t get in. I stood around in the queue for a while and then went home, deflated.

This 2 hour mix by Avery is ideally suited to the headphones. Some of the subtleties in this might get lost in the car. Set some time aside to really tune in. This Daniel Avery Radio 1 Essential Mix is a set that starts out ambient and gentle and then builds from there, taking its time unfolding over a couple of hours, showcasing the influences that have gone into his forthcoming album.

Daniel Avery – Days From Now
Rote – First Sleep
Hypnoxia – Active Tension
Daniel Avery – Decision Two
Alessandro Cortini – Lotta
Innerst inne – Du Skulle Tagit Med Dig
Oscar Mulero – Depth In Clarity
Saint Etienne – Like A Motorway (Skin Up, You’re Already Dead)
Daniel Avery – Endnote
Daniel Avery – TBW17
Tropic of Cancer – I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over
Nuances – I’m Going To Meet The One I Love
Daniel Avery – Embers
Struktion – Strukture
Volruptus – Hessdalen
London Modular Alliance – Tinker
Dez Williams – On The Verge
Second Storey – Ajunlei 8 (The Exaltics Remix)
Stenny – Fortress
Charles Green – Gamma Rays
Norwell – Transz
Two Lone Swordsmen – Neuflex
Carl A. Finlow – Wafer Thin
Mor Elian – Fairplex Drive
Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)
Cleric & Setaoc Mass – 188
Versalife – Missing Link
Daniel Avery – First Light
Daniel Avery – REHBGBV4367



This remix of Baxter Dury’s Miami is going to be released on Record Shop Day. RSD has become redundant, some limited edition releases to be fought over once the eBay scalpers have pillaged the racks plus a load of unasked for reissues. Yes, there are one or two things I’d like. No, I won’t be queuing up to get into a record shop.

Miami is from Baxter’s album that came out last year, that I meant to listen to and didn’t get around to. This expansive, electronic remix with gorgeous sweeping strings, a disco beat and Baxter’s seedy, in character vocal scattered about, is a joy, and comes to us from the combined talents of Parrot and Jarvis Cocker.


Drew posted this song a couple of weeks ago over at Across The Kitchen Table. I loved it the first time I clicked play and have been playing almost daily ever since. I can’t hurt to re-post it here, in case anyone missed it over at Drew’s blog.

The Lucid Dream are from Carlisle and have been around for a decade releasing 3 albums, making a guitar led, psychedelic racket. The new song, SX1000, as a bit of a departure. It sounds like a 1990 acid house remix of an indie guitar band where the remixer has chucked most of the source material away and turned the acid all the way up.

How good is that? Right up my alley and the video is excellent too. It appears judging by the comments at Youtube and elsewhere that The Lucid Dream’s fanbase aren’t all happy about this change in direction. This is Bad Texan, released back in 2016, a full on guitar, northern rock song. Very good too.


This new track from Mr. Fingers, ahead of a new album this year, sets the heart racing a bit. He put an e.p. out at the end of 2016 called Outer Acid which I loved, especially the techno/sci fi track Qwazars. Electron is a lush riot of warm synth sounds, pulses and drum machines.


Curses is a Berlin based dj and producer. Curses are also a metal band and another Curses were a Canadian hardcore punk band. It is the Berlin Curses I am offering you today. Together In The Dark is a very Teutonic sounding song, precise drums, throbbing synth bass, a detached vocal and some bass borrowed from early 80s New Order.

This Inga Mauer remix is five minutes of dark, mystery laden, intense techno.

This song, Another View, came out in September 2017 and is knee deep in 80s influences. Possibly overly 80s influenced but I like it regardless.

The First Time Baby That I Came To You

I was watching a recent re-run of Top Of The Pops, currently in the middle of 1985. Mainly the 1985 repeats are confirming that at the top end of the pop charts 1985 was a terrible year. Occasionally something brilliant shines through the dross. Last week it was Scritti Politti. They did the same thing to me last year when I was left broadsided by Absolute. This time it was The Word Girl, a genuine top ten hit. The Word Girl’s reggae rhythm, shimmer and lighter than air vocal melody make it is mid 80s pop, there’s no mistake about that, but its instrumentation, arrangement, production and Green Gartside’s voice lift it way up above the songs that surrounded it in the chart. It floats, promising to go somewhere else, then drawing back. The digital reverb makes the song seem like it is constantly echoing itself.

It is also not a song to be taken at face value, not a simple song about a girl but a song about language and meaning. The title can also be read as The Word ‘Girl’. What seems to be a song about a girl becomes an oblique discussion about obsession and possession, gender politics, the meaning of words, the construction of language. Green had decided to shift into making pop music holed up in Wales following several panic attacks. He listened to American r’n’b and read Marxist theory. Speaking to Sounds in 1985 he said (of The Word Girl) “I was taking stock of all the lyrics of the songs for the new album and, lo and behold, in every song there was – this girl, or that girl. It seemed a good idea to show awareness of the device being used, to take it out of neutral and show it didn’t connote or denote certain things. It was important to admit a consciousness of the materiality of referring to ‘girls’ in songs.”

The Word Girl

Scritti Politti’s journey is succinctly told in this excerpt from a documentary about Rough Trade.


Tapan are a Belgrade based production duo whose debut album Europa came out earlier this year. Tapan, I found out, can also mean a drum used in Balkan and Turkish music. The five track album relies heavily on percussion and rhythm along with local instrumentation. Europa was written as a response to the migrant crisis of 2015 and 2016 and the route that many migrants took, through Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, to a Europe that decided it didn’t want them and turned them away. Tapan wrote ‘Europa was recorded during long jam sessions in Belgrade as the media spotlight started to dim. The city became the purgatorial destination for a large number of migrants, whose journeys had been cut short’.

Third track Bogovi is the soundtrack to a nocturnal trek- industrial rhythms, slashing guitar chords and horns, a journey though the dark. Strong stuff and worth some of your time.