Miss You

No, not Miss You by the hoary old Rolling Stones, Miss You by Liverpool psych-surgeons Clinic. This 2012 remix by Italian pairing Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca send the already pretty cosmic Clinic way on up there and out- spaced out on old synths and floating. ‘Tranquilize’ the man says, ‘tranquilize’…

Miss You (Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca Remix)



I suppose part of the appeal of writing a song called Tomorrow is it will never be old will it, it will always sound like tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes. Or knows. Or dies. Or something. Liverpool’s Clinic sound gleefully old but never archaic, all Velvets organ and two chord fuzz and Adrian Blackburn’s nasal vocals. A much under-rated band. I saw them soundchecking once on an afternoon by accident, without their stagewear on. It took some of the magic away.


I have no idea what’s going on the picture but if I ever get forced out on the fairway I shall be dressed like one of these chaps.

>Select Shun Five


From Select magazine’s May 2000 cd, The Deep End, this is Clinic with Second Foot Stomp. Clinic are a really underrated band, with a back catalogue that’s well worth investigating. I posted the DFA remix of Tomorrow back in the early days of Bagging Area and once stumbled across them soundchecking in the basement of The Barbican on a day out in London Town. Second Foot Step has a Velvet’s edge, plenty of reverb, doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and is pretty much perfect in every way. This freebie cd was probably the pick of the bunch, also featuring Mike D’s remix of Moby (already posted), Super Furry Animals (singing in Welsh, beautifully), Primal Scream (David Holmes’ remix of swastika Eyes, posted at Bagging Area a while back), Eels, Lambchop, Mogwai, Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, Bentley Rhythm Ace, The For Carnation and Handsome Boy Modelling School (of whom more later).

07 Second Foot Stomp.wma

Clinic ‘Tomorrow'(DFA Remix)

Clinic, from Liverpool, have been around for about a decade, chucking out great little records. Velvets style organ, two chord stomp, and Ade Blackburn’s nasal vocals. Their first single was the brilliantly titled IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Our Youth. They always make an effort with stage clothes- surgeon’s outfits, Sgt Pepper jackets with surgeon’s masks, Hawaiian shirts with surgeon’s masks. When I stumbled across them soundchecking last year they were in their home clothes. Most strange. You like to think they’d wear the masks for a soundcheck. This is Tomorrow off last year’s Do It! lp, bent into new shapes by James Murphy’s DFA (LCD Soundsystem), came out on 10″ vinyl. Very good.