Mother Of Earth

I came across this earlier this week, a new band and from Manchester too. The New Southern Electrikk and a dark, sultry cover version of Mother Of Earth by The Gun Club. The band say it’s only a demo but it sounds pretty done to me. Singer Mary Joanna has got one of those voices and the band, former Paris Angels amongst them, cook up a reverb laden stew. Southern gothic via east Manchester. More please.


Reader Request Paris Angels ‘All On You (Perfume)’

Another reader re-post request which I missed, also from back in March, this time from Nik J for this Paris Angels single. All On You (Perfume) was much loved by many, although not Ctel from the mighty (but sadly deleted by Google) Acid Ted blog.


Paris Angels ‘All On You (Perfume)’

After The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays gatecrashed Top Of The Pops in November 1989 there was a scramble to sign anyone with a guitar and a cagoule. This led to some good bands and records-World Of Twist, recently covered over at Acid Ted, especially their Sons Of The Stage single. The High’s first lp had several good songs, Up And Down, Box Set Go, Somewhere Soon. Intastella- I seem to remember Dream Some Paradise being good, but can’t find my copy (if anyone can oblige with an mp3 I’d be grateful). There were others, but the hit rate soon petered out. There was also this, clearly indebted to New Order and Happy Mondays, but a great single all the same. Crisp beats, guitars, twin boy-and-girl vocals, loved-up but threatening to mug you at the same time. Paris Angels followed this with two other singles, signed to Virgin, released an inferior version of this single and a poorly received album. They also got themselves in trouble with the all powerful music press (if memory serves, journalist accused band of being smackheads, band beat journalist up, music press stopped writing about band). Changes at Virgin saw them dropped before a second album. Guitarist Wags ended up in Black Grape. I saw them live twice and this was the standout live as well as on record. Funny how with Madchester, and to some extent punk and post-punk, loads of bands could release one great single, but couldn’t repeat the trick. Anyhow, we’re left with this one piece of brilliance.