A deep sea diver and his wife. Why not?

Howsabout some gloriously unhinged bangin’ and hollerin’ from the mighty Jim Jones Revue for Saturday morning? Wake you up and blow some of those cobwebs out. New album out now.

7 Times Around The Sun

>Record Shopping


So, as I mentioned earlier we were on holiday in Lincolnshire this last week, and I suggested one day we visit the very pleasant market town of Louth (home of Robert Wyatt don’t you know). I knew for a fact (through pre-holiday research, sad ,yes, I know) that Louth contains a record shop, advertised in the music monthly magazines. At an opportune moment I slip off from the three other adults and five children and spend some time rummaging through the crates at Off The Beaten Track Records. After a while everyone else turns up and the kids buy a dvd, the adults chat to the owner and I buy several records, new and second hand. If you’re ever in eastern England, get yourself to Louth and Off The Beaten Track.
I think this let’s me off not taking part in Record Shop Day, part of which does annoy me- limited edition re-issues which turn up on ebay hours later at inflated sums. I wholeheartedly support record shops and helping them survive. I just don’t need to be told when to go to queue for hours to get something special. You can get something special in a record shop any day of the week.
For the record the trawl included a Smiths e.p. (German import 12″) with Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others as the A-side, The Vaccines’ If You Wanna on 7″, a Carter Family album (a 1974 re-issue), a very nice 12″ copy of Pump Up The Volume (yes, I have already got it, but it’s in perfect nick with thick cardboard picture sleeve), and the 7″ of this- Dishonest John by The Jim Jones Revue. It’s a right old life-affirming rock ‘n’ roll racket, and I couldn’t play it with a hangover, but it hits the spot right now.

The Jim Jones Revue

This is what is often called ‘life affirming rock ‘n’ roll’. Played by men old enough to know better, loud, raucous, overloaded, in the red, everything-louder-than-everything-else etc. It’s a riot of drums, guitars, screaming vox and pianer. From a cd release last year ‘The Jim Jones Revue Are Here To Save Your Soul’ which rounded up 4 singles, a’s and b’s. Recommended by a friend who saw them live somewhere. Get your quiff greased up and go.

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