Brass Shaker

Some sort of unholy trinity of artists going on here mixing up a classic house-acid brass delight. To clarify- Jeremy Deller’s acid brass cover version of Voodoo Ray remixed by Optimo’s JD Twitch, out on vinyl on Monday. And worth every penny I’d say.

Nice Brass

You can’t think that having acid house hits played by a brass band (Stockport’s Williams Fairey brass band) is anything other than a great idea can you? Yesterday’s Kevin Saunderson track re-done under the leadership of Jeremy Deller. A Youtube user recommends playing the two together, one starting 30 seconds or so after the other. It takes a while to get the synch-up to work but it’s well worth the effort. If you’ve got nowt else to do.

The Groove That Won’t Stop (Acid Brass)

Acid Brass And (Man Ray)

One more Man Ray portrait, this time of poet and celebrity fascist Ezra Pound, looking as cool as a cucumber while contemplating a move to Italy and the policies of Mussolini. Possibly. To be fair, Ezra did say he regretted his pro-fascist words and actions later in life. Spending several weeks locked in a cage by US forces at the end of World War Two didn’t help his mental state either.

Some unrelated dance music (or dance music inspired music) from Jeremy Deller’s acid brass album from ages ago. Here the Williams Fairey Brass Band tackle techno classic Strings Of Life, Derrick May’s Rhythim Is Rhythim masterpiece.

Strings Of Life

Out Of Our Minds On The Stage

World Of Twist came as part of the second wave of Madchester bands but didn’t really share much with the rest of them except geography. A riot of northern soul, mod, psyche, homemade stage props (a giant shell, rotating newsagents signs) with a post-acid house groove, this was their finest moment- Sons of The Stage.

The song’s a celebration of losing yourself dancing, being on stage and the euphoria of the crowd-

‘The beat breaks so we pick it up
The floor shakes down but it’s not enough
The beam is up and the kids are high
I’ve seen them move and it blows my mind
The floor’s an ocean and this wave is breaking
Your head is gone but your body’s shaking
There’s nothing you can do ‘cos there is no solution
You’ve got to get down to the noise and confusion’

The picture at the top is from Jeremy Deller’s march through Manchester earlier this year, with a variety of unusual interest groups, We Miss The World Of Twist being one of them. Apparently King of the Dullards Liam Gallagher and his new band have recently covered Sons Of The Stage. Best to remember them this way.

02 Sons of the Stage.wma

Acid Brass ‘What Time Is Love?’ (Version K)

We’ve been away this weekend just gone, and spent quite a bit of time in the car. I made a cd for in-car entertainment and put this on it, having re-discovered it recently. I’m pretty sure the mp3 came from Moggieboy over at Ripped In Glasgow originally, so thanks/apologies to Moggieboy for re-presenting it here. It has fast become a family favourite.

The KLF were surely made for the internet- destroying piles of albums that never got sample clearance, burning stacks of cash, deleting their entire back catalogue, retiring from the music business. Click/dig around a bit and it’s all out there. Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty made inspired records, with even more inspired reasons for making the records. If you havn’t read them, and I know some of you have, any of Bill Drummonds books are worth reading, especially ’45’ and last years ’17’.

Jeremy Deller is also inspired. He famously re-enacted the Battle of Orgreave from the miner’s strike, recorded the Acid Brass album (you know, brass band versions of acid house hits) and last summer staged a procession through Manchester featuring scouts, goths, a musical fish and chip van, unrepentant smokers, mobile libraries, a hearse with a floral Hacienda and boy racers in souped up cars. With banners.

This then, to get to the point, is the Williams Fairey brass band (from Stockport) version of What Time Is Love? It is not a novelty track. It is an essential part of your download collection.

Parp parp par-par-par par-par-par-par par-par parp.

Acid Brass_What Time Is Love (Version K).mp3