Banderas ‘This Is Your Life’ (Ripe Mix)

Or the continuing adventures of Johnny Marr after he left The Smiths. As well as the Stex single I posted a while back Johnny lent his talents to this shaven headed pair. Banderas were two of Jimmy Summerville’s Communards, Sally Herbert and Caroline Buckley, who formed Banderas as a dance influenced side project. This was their only hit, and I’m surprised to see it got to number 16 in the charts- don’t remember that. This Is Your Life features Johnny Marr on guitar, tastefully funky and low in the mix. I seem to remember that they got Bernard Sumner in to work with them and he brought Johnny Marr along because he couldn’t be bothered to play the guitar, but that could be false-music-press-after-twenty-years-memory-syndrome. Yes, I do remember ridiculous trivia. But if I don’t write things down at work when people tell me them I’ve no chance. Anyhow back to Banderas, this is very early 90s, features that drum beat that seemingly every 12″ had, is well Balaeric, and has what estate agents call ‘plenty of period charm.’

Banderas – This Is Your Life ( Ripe Mix ) .mp3