Past Bedtime

I found a cd I made many years ago, a compilation of early Warp bleep ‘n’ bass records, futuristic techno from Sheffield- Tricky Disco, Tuff Little Unit, LFO, Kid Unknown, all that sort of thing. It sounds fantastic on the car stereo (and it’s not even a very good car stereo), the bass making things vibrate and rattle, the bleeps loud and the vocal samples reverberating around my car on my way to and from work. I am especially struck with this one at the moment, the B-side to Tricky Disco’s Tricky Disco 12″ from 1990, where the bleep ‘n’ bass is pitted against Gregorian chanting.

Tricky Disco (Past Tricky’s Bedtime Mix)


Another record from Sheffield’s Warp Records, this time in the shape of Tricky Disco by Tricky Disco from 1990. Serious bleepiness.