The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 111

Back to The Cramps for Friday night. Smell Of Female lp is a live album, recorded at The Peppermint Lounge in 1983 when the band were in contractual dispute with I.R.S records and decided to record a show to plug the gap between their second and third albums. It’s a cracking lp in its own right, the band in electric psychobilly form. the original release on vinyl had six songs, later expanded to nine on cd versions. On You Got Good Taste Lux and Ivy prove you could sing songs about cunnilingus before Azealia Banks was even invented.

You Got Good Taste

And as a decidedly non-rockabilly extra, here is Azealia from Glastonbury last weekend, pulling a very large crowd to The Other Stage. The fans down the front have to wait until 42.56 to sing/shout-along to 212. The rest of the crowd get dragged in one-by-one.


I keep bumping into Azealia Bank’s epic filth-fest 212- most recently in the hairdressers my daughter and wife go to when I took young ET for a haircut on Saturday. Over the din of hairdryers and phones and chat the key lines in this were still unmistakable. No-one seemed to notice- just background noise. Azealia keeps running into arguments and Twitter feuds and what-not, which keeps things interesting I suppose. If she records nothing of interest ever again this song, featuring Lazy Jay, will still be enough. It is as they say NSFW.