Some hard-edged funky techno from the mysterious Man Power- if you haven’t heard any of his stuff you should seek some of his stuff out. The west coast of Britain, according to the news today, is about to be hit by a weatherbomb- not a storm, not some wintry bad weather, a weatherbomb. Run, hide, panic buy!

Kiloton (Hardway Bros Remix)





Man Power

I know nothing about Man Power apart from that in one or two small corners of the internet he/they are causing a small stir- and I’m not sure I want to know any more. The music is enough- deep, dark, pumping techno-house, three examples of which can be watched below. Lovely, beguiling repetitive rhythms. Bumpity-bumpity-bump. The visuals are a mixture of hypnotic, bewildering and unsettling.