Hey Ho All Gone

It seems particularly sad that with the passing of Tommy Ramone last week, all the founder members of the band have gone. Many bands from the previous generation still have all or many of the founding members alive yet all the Ramones are departed. Apart from having one genius song (pick a song, any song off the first four albums), the band and their first album were hugely important- the 70s punk scene in England used them as much as anyone as the starting point. RIP Tommy (and Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee).

Blitzkrieg Bop


53rd & 3rd

If songs about streets and roads are about a sense of place, home, belonging and how far you can go from home, then Dee Dee Ramone’s 53rd & 3rd is surely a measure of how far a person can fall. Dee Dee’s narrator stands on the corner of 53rd and 3rd ‘trying to turn a trick’ and is dismayed he’s also ‘the one they never pick’. This two minute buzzsaw tale of male prostitution ends in murder. It wasn’t all fun round The Ramones way y’know.

And I Think To Myself…

A post to tie together a couple of recent posts featuring The Ramones and Louis Armstrong, making it look dangerously like I plan what goes on here rather than just lurch from one song to another. In 2002 Joey Ramone’s only solo album came out. Released posthumously it was titled Don’t Worry About Me and opened up with a cover version of Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. It sounds just like you think it should, but is none the worse for it.

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One minute and twenty five seconds of big, stupid fun, written by Lemmy and Motorhead, performed by the last Ramones line up, tacked onto the end of the Japanese edition of Adios Amigos, this is R.A.M.O.N.E.S. If you don’t like this….

Ramones ‘Baby I Love You’

This is one of my favourite records. Baby I Love You, covered by The Ramones, produced by Phil Spector (vocals done at gunpoint some say…), they actually got on Top Of The Pops with this. The Ramones are three quarters gone, Phil Spector’s in prison, the album this is off is much maligned, but the band, the song, the production and the delivery are spot on.

I’ve stuck this on at at least two weddings I’ve played records at, at the end of the night, and the sight of couples of all ages sashaying/careering around the dancefloor will live with me forever. Wonderful.

32 Baby I Love You.wma