The Sunday Night Blues

Often, around about this kind of time of night, a small group of us meet up on Twitter to moan about the Sunday Night Blues. Drew is polishing the kid’s school shoes and making packed lunches. I’ve had some essays to mark. Jez has been tidying the house. All of us preparing for the working week, the grind of Monday morning and the long haul through ’til Friday. It’s worse in winter when the lack of sunshine and daylight bring the lingering black cloud on sooner and the existential dread of SNBs really kick in.

I wondered if posting something joyous and uplifting would help, drive the bastard blues back a little and make Sunday night more bearable. Drew wavered, saying that he wasn’t sure that even something as smile-inducing as the South Street Player and his early 90s garage house masterpiece would do the trick. See if it helps….

(Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind

I was thinking that this fuzz guitar, tropicali gem from Os Mutantes in 1968 could help, a shot of musical happiness…

A Minha Menina

Either way, I think a glass of red wine is in order.