>We’ll Defuse Bombs And Run Marathons

I wrote a while back about Belle And Sebastian’s This Is Just A Modern Rock Song and how it soundtracked the first couple of weeks of my son I.T.’s life and even further back about Teenage Fanclub’s It’s A Bad World and how it affected me during his diagnosis with Hurler’s Disease and his bone marrow transplant. I heard this song at the weekend for the first time in years and for similar reasons it stopped me dead in my tracks. Grandaddy’s A.M. 180 was on a free cd that came with the NME and I played the song loads during that period. It opens with a catchy, bleepy riff, followed by crunchy guitars and Jason Lyttle’s fragile vocals and is wonderful from start to finish. I bought the album it came off (Under the Western Freeway) but nothing else on it hit me like this one.