Funky Killer

There’s an album out now of updated versions and remixes of S’Express songs which looks pretty interesting. As well as the opinion splitting Primal Scream cover version Enjoy This Trip has new versions by Tom Furse of the Horrors, Jagz Kooner, Horsemeat Disco and Chris and Cosey among its fifteen tracks. This very funky Red Snapper remix didn’t make the final tracklist but has a very 1990s jazzy, hip hop vibe which works really well if sounding quite unlike S’Express.


Wonky Bikes

I heard a new song from Red Snapper on the radio last week, on 6 music. I didn’t even know Red Snapper were still going but I always liked their jazz-tinged techno/techno-tinged jazz. This song, Wonky Bikes, is off an album from last year (Hyena) and is being released around now as a single- hence, no download. Live sounding and direct, not too jazzy, not too techno either.

Village Tap

Two decades into a meandering career of jazzy electronica (with detours into trip-hop and drum & bass) Red Snapper have a new album imminent. I am enjoying this Auntie Flo remix very much. Summery, laid back and funky and with an Afrobeat bent and some nice descending piano.

Hot Flush

Bit of a lazy post today. We’re off to Beverley, East Yorkshire for a 40th (and a night in a hotel without kids. Wooh). A classic Sabres remix of Red Snapper for you. And a picture of Amelia Earhart.

Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise Remix)

Wilmot And Sunshine

There’s something about this weather that makes me want to play Sabres Of Paradise 1994 single Wilmot. From its Gun Club styled sleeve to Wonder’s scat vocal to the seriously dubby bassline to those wondrous snaking horns. Back in 1994 we returned home late, in a suitably altered state, and turned on the tiny black and white portable TV. Within minutes the video for Wilmot came on (it was some late night, after hours clubbing programme) with Lord Sabre, combat pants and creepers, leading a ragtag bunch of majorettes through the streets of London at dawn. It was very good then, and it is very good now. And, I suspect, the only music video Andrew Weatherall has starred in.

I’m not sure Wilmot was crying out for remixing (though Scruff’s skank version is a belter, obviously) but here’s Red Snapper’s version, which came out on a Warp Records compilation.

Wilmot (Red Snapper Remix)

One Night Stand

Can’t believe I’ve not posted anything by The Aloof before. This remix is a stunner- Ashley Beedle’s thirteen minute take on their One Night Stand from 1996. The instrumentation (dramatic and sweeping strings, tabla, the kitchen sink) is good enough on it’s own but taken with singer Ricky Barrow’s extraordinary voice (and self loathing of the one night stand) it’s almost too much for one record to contain. The Aloof contained two Sabres Of Paradise and one Red Snapper (which sounds a bit like an alternative, clubby version of the twelve days of Christmas).

One Night Stand (The Long Night and The Samba)

Holmes And The Bogeyman

David Holmes remix of yesterday’s Red Snapper single, Bogeyman. Very much the sort of thing Holmes was doing in the late 90s, LSD references and everything.