Smoking Holiday

Five years ago last night, 9 pm on June 3rd 2013 to be exact, was the last time I smoked a cigarette. At that time being smoke free for five years seemed impossible. I do feel a sense of achievement about giving up. I don’t even miss it all the time now- I do miss it sometimes but not every waking moment like I did at first. When I get a waft of smoke in the street from a passerby I quite like it but there have been occasions when I get a noseful of second hand smoke where I can’t believe I actually used to do it. I sometimes think that I’ll start again when it’s too late to matter much, maybe when I’m 75, but I suspect in 27 years time it’ll be illegal to smoke in any public or private space and if not it’ll be prohibitively expensive.

This ep from Bird Of Paradise called Smoking Holiday came out on Sweden’s Hoga Nord label earlier this year. All four tracks here are top quality, spaced out, slow motion, electronic chug.