The Dear One

Back in 2013 I wrote about Towers, the second album from one man band Baltic Fleet. The one man is Paul Fleming, former touring keyboardist for Echo And The Bunnymen, who has returned with another album- The Dear One. This is the title track and single, an instrumental with more than a nod to your cosmische West German groups and a synth riff that’ll stick in your cranium for days. The album takes in similar sounds, passing through Eno and Bowie’s Berlin days. It’s affecting and exhilarating stuff- and fully fits in with this week’s mission to defy fascists with music. Avanti!

Baltic Fleet

I’ve just got hold of this via Twitter- it’s not just there for clever one-liners and telling people what you’re doing right now. If you give your email address to the box in this link here you can download an excellent guitar and organ led, post-punk/motorik instrumental from Baltic Fleet, who by name alone sound like they should be on the bill at some History Rocks festival alongside Public Service Broadcasting and British Sea Power, possibly held in a disused Cold War bunker site or a World War Two airfield. With only rationed food available in the food tent. Mr Billy Childish could appear too. And our friend Andrew Weatherall would dj between the bands while also modelling the finest tweeds.

Baltic Fleet is Warrington’s Paul Fleming (who used pay the bills by playing keyboards for the Bunnymen). Course, what the free download is meant to do is get you to want to buy the album. Which I quite fancy now.

The photo shows the famous Baltic Fleet pub in Liverpool.