Sergeant On Radio Spacejunk

I found this on Mixcloud (via Facebook I think) and it’s a bit of treat, two hours in the company of Will Sergeant and his record collection. There’s plenty of songs that you can imagine a younger Will using as the starting point for Bunnymen songs- some psychedelia, some indie, some jazz, plus some chatter in between the songs. It’s just right for Sunday morning with a cup of tea/coffee and some toast.


I found out recently that Will Sergeant, the only man to have been an ever present member of Echo And The Bunnymen, has had a fairly recent (2013) side project with an ex-Bunnyman (bassist Les Pattinson) and it is very good. I don’t know how I missed this- and I’m sure some of you didn’t- but it is new to me. Poltergeist is Will, Les and drummer Nick Kilroe. They put out an eight track instrumental excursion into psychedelic, open ended space rock called Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder) and on the basis of this track that’s exactly what they will do. It also shows that Will is very much an inventive and distinctive guitarist and that stepping away from the Bunnymen is good for his artistic juices.