Three Piece

Andrew Weatherall must have been going without sleep recently given his prolific remixing output. Here’s three new ones for your Thursday.

This one is a weird, frantic, dubby thing with scratchy guitar and yelping, not a million miles from The Slits. It’s not The Slits though, it’s The Orielles, out on Heavenly. This is Part 2, so there must be a Part 1 somewhere too. I’ll keep you posted.

This is the Mix 2 of of Balearic Queen Nancy Noise’s Azizi’s Dance, following Mix 1 which I posted last week- subtle and spacey with some snatches of conversation just out of earshot and rather nice.

Finally, Weatherall has turned in not one, not two, not even three, but four different remixes for Swiss pioneers Yello, all different versions of the track Frautonium from their new album. This one has bleeps and noises and glides about the place.

More Weatherall

Further sonic treats for ‘Gnostic wanderers and lovers of abstract truth’ from Mr Weatherall courtesy of NTS Radio. Music’s not for everyone y’know.

For The Many

Getting up this morning to find that the exit poll which caused my jaw to drop several inches when it was announced at 10 pm last night was petty much spot on was a wonderful feeling. I stayed up for a while but went to bed before it was clear what the result was. This morning’s news- Theresa May’s cynical bid for a personal majority completely scuppered, hanging on as the leader of a minority government was good enough on its own. The massive increases made by Labour, the collapse of UKIP, the high turnout especially among younger voters, the rejection by the voters of an entirely negative Tory campaign- these are the things that put a smile on the face. Having been on the losing side so often politically, Friday 9th June felt like victory.

With perfect timing, to celebrate, here’s a new Andrew Weatherall remix, this time of Nancy Noise.

Non-UK readers- the man in the picture is Lord Buckethead.


It’s a new week, back to  work after the half term holiday and this is a new track from our spiritual guide Mr Weatherall, taken from a compilation called Moving House put together by Belgium’s Mugwump, which is as good a compilation album of chuggy/electronic/dance music you’ll hear this summer. You can buy it here.

The Weatherall track is a big one. A steamhammer industrial beat with chanting from somewhere east of the Bosphorus. Rather good.

On a recent jaunt to  Glasgow Weatherall played a dub set at The Vic Bar at The Art School, a precursor to A Love From Outer Space upstairs at the same venue. Thankfully someone had the good sense to record it.

May’s Not For Everyone

It’s that man again. Andrew Weatherall has a slew of material coming out, remixes galore. Alongside those David Holmes, Mark Lanegan and Heart People ones this one just came out on vinyl and download, two remixes of Frank Butters Presents; Cult Of Glamour, a vocal and a dub. Synth arpeggios, tom toms,cymbals and a snare drum to rattle your brain.

New remixes of Yello, The Early Years, Piano Magic and Nancy Noise have all been trailed on his Music’s Not For Everyone show over the last few months.

And then May’s MNFE comes along for your Sunday morning musical adventures.


Through the magic of social media I spent twelve minutes last night listening to this unexpectedly. It popped up in my timeline and now I’m passing it on again.

Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise Mix 3)

This is a big file and the file host will probably say there was a problem playing it as a result but it should be fine to download.

The bit at seven minutes with the wire stretching noises followed by the increased tempo sounded particularly good. As was often the way in 1993 Weatherall, Burns and Kooner turned in three remixes of Conquistador for the 12″. I’ve posted Mix 1 before back in 2012 so here’s the other one.

Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise Mix 2)

Shorter, chunky progressive house and with squiggly bits but liable to get you going if you like this kind of thing.

Espiritu were Vanessa Quinones and Taplin from Frazier Chorus, signed to Heavenly (a label that continues to put out top quality music to this day). Espiritu combined house with Latin beats and put out two albums and multiple singles. It became a one woman show after a while and more recently Vanessa has formed a band called Vanessa And The Os with James Iha (x-Smashing Pumpkins) and more recently still has been making French pop as Allez Pop.

At roughly the same time this popped up in my timeline too.

This is a picture of Jagz Kooner’s Roland TR 808 which he is/was selling. In the accompanying blurb Jagz wrote that this is the actual machine that many Sabres Of Paradise songs and recordings were done using as well as some of Primal Scream’s recordings (Swastika Eyes, some of XTRMNTR, some of Evil Heat). That’s an actual piece of musical history. I considered having a whip round and getting part shares in it but couldn’t raise the funds in time (offers above £3750).

Double Up

Not one but two new Andrew Weatherall remixes for your enjoyment today. The first, a brooding remix of Mark Lanegan’s Beehive from his new record, brooding but shot through with electricity. Lanegan’s voice gets fed through an echo unit and there’s a nice guitar part half way through before the beat comes back in. Very good indeed.

From the press release- Weatherall says of the remix, “I’ll be honest, when executing a remix usually the first thing to go is the vocal track. There are however exceptions. Mr Lanegan singing ‘lightning coming out of the speakers’ (or let’s face it Mr Lanegan singing full stop) is one of those exceptions.”

The second is a remix of Sydney duo Heart People, fired up breakbeats, whooshing synths, fast paced with a cool vocal. Free download.