Usually our holidays consist of loads of day trips, often dragging the kids around historical sites. This time we managed to slow right dooooown, and spent several days not even leaving the campsite, just taking in the sun, reading, using the pool, paddling in the river, canoeing, drinking, talking to the Dutch (who must be the friendliest nation in Europe. Except for the 17 year old cock who called Isaac a ‘fucking mongoloid’ at some volume from within the safety of his tent. We had words me and him, I nearly lost it). But we were here a few days ago- I love a good prehistoric site and Carnac is as big as they come in Europe. Thousands of standing stones spread over a mile or two, many of them in lines (les alignements), a good few dolmen as well. Very impressive. It’s a shame that in high season you can’t actually walk around the stones. There are guided tours but the ones in English are at 11am on a Tuesday and a Friday. Still, you can get close enough.

No prehistoric posting should be without a Julian Cope track should it? This one, Beautiful Love, was given a very 1991 remix by Hugo Nicholson (who co-engineered Screamadelica and went out big style on tour in Australia with Primal Scream, seen looking for the Sydney Opera House’s steering wheel). From the days when a remix completely took a song apart to make something new.

Love L.U.V.