Hardcore Uproar

Simon said he hasn’t been able to read this blog at his place of work because the firewall blocks Bagging Area due to its ‘adult and sexual content’- which is news to me, I don’t think there’s much sexual content here apart from maybe the odd nipple. So today’s blogpost heading won’t help but it’s not that kind of hardcore. Sorry if you were hoping for something else, let’s keep it clean.

Hardcore Uproar is a legendary twelve incher (ahem) from 1990 by Together (Suddi Raval and Jon Donaghy) originally a white label produced with the sole intention of played at the Hacienda. It went on to reach number 12 in the UK charts. Opening with a few one fingered (oop!) keyboard notes, courtesy of John Carpenter, the track builds with some crowd noises and cheers (live from a rave in Nelson, Lancashire that got raided by the police), a couple of vocal samples (one of Ben Obi Wan Kenobi from Stars Wars), goes into bleep territory and finally climaxing (eek!) with all out piano house. Simple, home made, incredibly affecting and effective. It’s probably best experienced in a northern nightclub or warehouse, strobe lights blinking and dry ice swirling, surrounded by people you don’t know who all want to be your friend. As it is you’ll have to settle for Saturday morning in front of your computer.

Together went on to remix Contra-Indications by Durutti Column, the brilliant Together Mix. While working on it Jon and his girlfriend were tragically killed in a motorbike accident in Ibiza.


Vini Reilly ‘The Together Mix’

On and off Factory Records Vini Reilly and his Durutti Column have created many wonderful records. This one, from 1990’s Obey the Time, sees Vini taking inspiration from the advances in club culture and technology going on around him, and obeying the time he created this, The Together Mix. It was worked on and remixed by Together, who went on to have a hit with Hardcore Uproar, one of whom died in a car crash in Ibiza. This is a lovely summery song, with Vini’s trademark use of melody coupled with summer of late 80s/early 90s dance record production. It’s a warm evening here and this fits perfectly.

The Together Mix.mp3