Psychic Sunset

Sunset in Whitby last Sunday captured on my phone. Lovely.

Musically I’m picking up right where I left off before going on holiday with a tune that has been playing repeatedly in the caravan we stayed in just outside Scarborough. In 1995 Andrew Weatherall remixed Throbbing Gristle’s United no fewer than four times. All four mixes (retitled Re-United) came out on a Psychic TV cd single called Sirens along, with three other songs, and were credited to both Psychic TV and Weatherall. The four mixes taken together form a wonderful thirty minute suite. The pick of them is Mix 3, eleven minutes of mid-90s housiness. The second half where piano and bass play off against each other is especially good.

Re-United Mix 3

Hot On The Heels

Walter beat me to the post when he blogged October (Love Song) by Chris and Cosey a few days ago- a beautiful 1983 single from two members of Throbbing Gristle. In 2004 an album of remixes of Throbbing Gristle tracks came out, called Mutant TG. As industrial and electronic pioneers Genesis P Orridge and co always got respect from dance music artists. One of the highlights of the album was this tremendous nine minute version by Detroit techno legend Carl Craig. Hot On The Heels Of Love is TG’s most accessible song and had a dancefloor groove already. Carl sends it onwards with techno…

Hot On The Heels Of Love (Carl Craig Re-Version)

From today I’m off on holiday for a week, staying in Scarborough in North Yorkshire, so there’ll be nothing here until next weekend. Be good.

Hot On The Heels Of Love

If you think Throbbing Gristle are all industrial grind, dubious imagery, burning flesh, bodily fluids, performance art and an obsession with the dark side of humanity and inhumanity while challenging society’s preconceptions and conventions with distorted tape-loops and buckets of noise then you haven’t heard proto-acid-disco-techno masterpiece Hot On The Heels Of Love.



I was going to post something else but given events at Old Trafford this afternoon I’m going to put this up- Two Lone Swordsmen’s remix of Throbbing Gristle from 2004. Weatherall and Tenniswood keep the Genesis P. Orridge vocal and give the song a techno twist. The song is called United. Purely coincidental…