One Million

At some point while away in London this blog passed one million page views. One million! I’ve no idea how this compares to other blogs, how many page views other bloggers have had/get but it seems like a bit of a milestone.

Tom Furse of The Horrors has remixed the new Cavern Of Anti-Matter album into one seventeen minute megamix, a psych/cosmiche feast.


Moving Further Away

A humdinger of a Weatherall remix that appeared on a very pricey Horrors vinyl box set from 2012 for Thursday. The drum machine wheezes away, a bleepy arpeggio repeats and builds, and the Farris chorus part comes in and out. Hypnotic.

Moving Further Away (Andrew Weatherall remix)

I  would pay good money for a Weatherall remix of Beyonce.

Your Love


Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles’ Your Love is one of the cornerstones of modern music- the two note bassline, that sequenced arpeggio part, the gospel vocals, the four-four beat. Back in the mid-80s Jamie Principle put it together in his Chicago bedroom on cheap and homemade machinery. Frankie Knuckles then sprinkled his magic over it. It was played off cassette for ages in Chicago warehouses before it got a vinyl release. It’s been a record of uplift and ecstasy ever since, especially since it then went and got magically spliced with Candy Staton.

At a recent Radio 1 session The Horrors covered Your Love. Do not worry. It is fucking superb.

Your Love (Radio Session)

I’m Going To See The Stars

This is good in an exotica/lounge/library records sort of way. Tom Furse, out of The Horrors, and some first rate retro-futurism.

Free Action

That Moon Duo remix album that came out for Record Shop Day is very good- eight remixes and only one that doesn’t really do much for me. I haven’t got the actual vinyl unfortunately- I found this somewhere on the internets. This song, remixed by Tom Furse of The Horrors, is a beaut.

Free Action (Tom Furse Remix)


I was once teaching a class of Year 11 students and we were studying the Cold War- something that having grown up since the collapse of Communism, the Eastern Bloc and the Berlin Wall, meant little to them. One lad’s only response to the Soviets crushing the 1956 Hungarian uprising was ‘that girl with the machine gun’s pretty fit.’

The Horrors remixed The Charlatans a few years ago. Nicely electronic.

The Misbegotten (The Horrors Remix)

Horror Show

Nope, I don’t know what’s going on with Salvador Dali’s trousers either (particularly the crotch area) although Gala seems to have got it going on. Tight trousered enthusiasts The Horrors have set a load of remixers loose on their 2011 album Skying, most of them doing exactly what remixers should. The digital release came out this week- two Weatherall mixes (the previously released remix of Wild Eyed and a new bleepy one of Moving Further Away). Other equally good highlights are present from Daniel Avery, Peaking Lights, Andy Blake and Blanck Mass (one half of Olympians Fuck Buttons). All well worth downloading from Beatport or somewhere similar. You can listen below.

The Higher physical boxset comes out in March- four pieces of vinyl, two cds,a dvd and one previously worn winklepicker. With a price tag of fifty quid. Which is, y’know, quite a lot of money.