Witchi Tai To

In a similar vein to yesterday’s Dave Pike post and this is a beaut also. Jim Pepper was a jazz saxophonist of Native American heritage. In 1971 he released this song, based on an old Native American chant. It was later a genuine chart hit for Brewer and Shipley and in 2007 was covered by X Press 2 with that guy out of The Polyphonic Spree singing on it, remixed guitar style by Two Lone Swordsmen (one of my earliest posts). See, just like the Dave Pike record.

Witchi Tai To

This is pop-jazz/Native American fusion, over seven minutes long and contains questionable saxophone parts. You’ll love it.

More Audrey

This came out a couple of months before the pair of Two Lone Swordmen Wrong Meeting albums in 2007. It was a pretty big signpost for where Weatherall and Tenniswood were heading. They took a house track by X-Press 2 and replaced the housey stuff with guitars and live drums. This song soundtracked a drive to mid-Wales and short holiday in a log cabin near Aberystwyth, along with Sister Vanilla (on the cd I mean, not sharing the cabin with us). I thought Weatherall going scuzzy garage rock was a cool move. I still do. His Pox On The Pioneers lp from last year was on heavy rotation round these parts.

Witchi Tai To was originally a hit for a Native American jazz musician, Jim Pepper, back in the 70s. He based it on a Native American chant he’d learnt as a child. X-Press 2 (Junior Boys Own, hit single Lazy with David Byrne) got the bloke out of Polyphonic Spree to sing on their version. Weatherall duffed it up. Result- a totally unexpected TLS remix.